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Angry Birds in Ultrabook™ Adventure is a game made by Rovio and Intel. For the game, enter this Facebook's link. The game is a bit different from other games because of the new sprites and blocks. There are 10 levels in the game. Also this is the only game where the beginning story is seen from the levels menu. In this game you can embed levels, to get crowns and share your score like in Angry Birds Friends but unlike in Angry Birds Friends, there are no power-ups.

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  • Boomerang Bird, the Mighty Eagle, Pink BirdOrange Bird, and Red Bird are not seen in the levels.
  • The pigs get new voices in this game, which sound vocoded.
  • 4 different levels are available from a sub-menu in the Golden Egg menu of Winter Wonderham, if you find the Intel Golden Egg. They are exclusive on Android.
  • The Intel Golden Egg is found when you enter Level 1-5.
  • Instead of ropes, there are computer cords.
  • In Level 10, King Pig is connected to eight ropes, making him look like a spider. This might be to have him represent a computer virus.
  • The Birds' and Pigs' voices echo.
  • It is very strange how Red Bird does not appear, as he is seen in the cutscenes.
  • Red Bird also appears in the level selection screen.


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