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Bad Hair Day is the second episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons. It (Along with the first and third episodes) first aired on October 1st, 2015 (The launch date of the Toons.TV App), but not on the website.

Toons.TV Description

Chuck finds a grey feather in his plumage and is forced to cope with the fact that he is no longer a spring chicken.


After waking up from a good night's sleep, Chuck speeds across the island and then whirls a nunchuck. While he is doing the latter, he looks in the mirror, only to realize that his head feathers have turned grey. He then makes a big deal out of it while the Blues watch and laugh. When Chuck sees them, they tease him, provoking him to chase them. However, after running a few meters, Chuck falls on his face, and the Blues look back. Chuck then gets up and reveals himself as an old bird, and the Blues hoot at him once more, provoking him to chase them again (albeit slowly and on a cane). Later, the Blues give Chuck company during a rainstorm, give him glasses during the afternoon, and give him a blazing hot drink during the evening, finally leaving him during his nighttime sleep. 3 Minion Pigs then come to steal the eggs, noticing Chuck. They get scared when he opens his mouth and groans, but then laugh at him. When he wakes up, without the glasses Chuck notices that the pigs have stolen the eggs, and attempts to chase them. When the minion pigs easily escape him, Chuck cries for help, because he's too old to chase the pigs. Soon, the Blues also see the pigs getting away with the eggs. Realizing their prank is having a negative effect on the flock, they then carry him to a river and toss him in there. When he floats back up, Chuck sees that the Blues revealed have pulled a prank on him using grey paint, and he is about to get mad at them. But snaps out of it and zooms into Pig City (smashing the entrance doors), saves the eggs, and returns them. He then looks at the Blues, notices that they have gray feathers, and gasps, causing the Blues to realize it and become old. As soon as the episode is about to end, he pulls out a paintbrush dipped in grey paint.



  • This is the second episodes that set on The Blues's prank. First was Catch of the Day.
  • To the end, Chuck says "Oh, yeah"



  • There was a scene where Chuck's hair appeared grey even after his hair was washed and turned black again.
  • Matilda and Red is listed in the credits, but they doesn't appear in this episode.


Angry Birds Toons S03E02 Bad Hair Day02:46

Angry Birds Toons S03E02 Bad Hair Day

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