These are some of the bugs or errors that happen in Bad Piggies.

Melting Pig Glitch

If you land on the ground hard enough (most of the time caused by TNT), your pig will be under the ground.

Spring Explosion

This coud sometimes cause by Hyperdrive Dragster by using 2 springs with a driving wheel or mechanical yellow umbrella. Just wait until this happens (best if you do this on S-2).

Exploding Rope Glitch

If you have the plunger wheel over the ropes, the ropes will explode and will become thin orange lines surrounding every part of the screen (except the buttons and the pause menu).

Flying King Pig and Tire Glitch

If you place a suction tire on a box and King Pig on the tire, all three of them will soar into the air, in some cases hitting the ceiling in the Field of Dreams.

Invisible Black Hole Glitch

Sometimes (usually when you build big destructive contraptions in Sandboxes) in a level, an invisible black hole may appear, and will suck up every part (and pig) into the hole. Eventually, it will suck up the level and the background, leaving you with nothing but just a solid background and the buttons. (Note: It does not matter which background you are in.) Sometimes, it will also affect other levels and the main screen once you leave the level. This will last until the game is rebooted.

Sucker Punch Glove Glitch

If you launch two sucker punch boxes, one glove from one box will come out and come back in the box, and the other glove from the other box, will come out, but will stay out once it will come back in.

Lightning Glitch

If a lot of TNTs are placed in the springs, the springs go haywire, forming a piece of lightning, knocking out several other parts, leaving with nothing but parts and a pig on the ground.

Melting Sandbags

To do this glitch, first, make a heavy-weighted vehicle with sand bags at the bottom. Then start. Then drop the sandbags. Notice that they will go through the ground/stone/surface. Tested on FITN Sandbox 1

Plumbing tool in the air

On any level that has TNT and the Plumbers tool, if you can do it correctly, the plumbing tool will be in the air connecting to the TNT even though it already exploded.

Glue Glitch

Some of the videos has glue with something there and play originally until lots of stuff is flying all over and fall in the ground.