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Bad Piggies
Bad Piggies Loading 1440x900
Loading screen (Bad Piggies HD)
Length (in levels): 229 levels
Rovio Entertainment
Rovio Entertainment
Released: September 27, 2012
Platforms: iOS (4.3 or later)

Android (2.3 and up)
Windows 8
Windows Phone
Kindle Fire
OS X (10.6.6)

Ratings: Everyone
Genre: Puzzle
Version(s): 2.3.3 (iOS and Android)

1.5.1 (PC and Mac OSX)
[Version History]

Bad Piggies is an Angry Birds spinoff game from Rovio Entertainment that was released on September 27th, 2012. The game's premise is that the player is on the pigs' side instead of the birds, and would have to build vehicles to get to the eggs. The game's style is similar to Amazing Alex, Rovio's previous game, maneuvering around courses. It is currently available for iOS, Nook, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, and PC, with Windows 8 and Windows Phone to follow in the future. The game is free on Google Play, is $2.99 for iPad (HD) and $0.99 for iPhone.

The game has been stated to follow the imagination of a single Pig with freckles, under the name Ross, whose hobbies are constructing both land and air-based vehicles. Toons.TV has been added to the game during the Halloween update. Another new feature was added, the Hidden Loot Crates and the Custom Parts. There are also hidden Skulls that you can find throughout the game. The newest update added the Cake Race, where you could race with other players in real time.


Bad Piggies official gameplay trailer01:36

Bad Piggies official gameplay trailer

Bad Piggies Gameplay Trailer

Bad Piggies - Teaser Trailer00:33

Bad Piggies - Teaser Trailer

Bad Piggies Teaser

On August 27, 2012, the Bad Piggies made their own Facebook and Twitter accounts and started teasing readers that they have plans to reveal soon. On August 30th, Rovio posted a video on their YouTube during Red on a featureless white background, with pigs falling on top of him and the supertitle "Something PIG is coming" appearing on screen. After eight days of secrecy, on September 4th, the Pigs finally revealed their plans: a new game in which they are the stars. On September 17th, Yahoo! Games has revealed the game play for Bad Piggies. The main point is that you build vehicles (Cars, planes, etc.) out of various materials (wood, metal, etc.) then ride them and try to collect things such as stars. The following day, the TV show X-Play made a preview of the game showing more of the game. On September 27th, the game was released on iOS, Android, and Macintosh, with PC releasing later in the day.


  1. Ground Hog Day - 45 levels
  2. Rise and Swine - 45 levels
  3. When Pigs Fly - 45 levels
  4. Flight in the Night - 45 levels
  5. Tusk 'til Dawn - 30 levels
  6. The Road to El Porkado - 45 levels
  7. Road Hogs - 8 levels


For every level (except the Sandbox and Field of Dreams levels) The player is tasked with creating a vehicle that will bring Ross to the goal. However, the player is given a limited amount of resources, in the form of parts, for the player to do so; The parts can do many things that could affect the vehicle's performance such as: Soda bottles and firework rockets as boosters, fans and rotors to provide propulsion and even TNT crates etc. These parts are to be assembled in a form of 'build grid' and the player cannot start without putting the Ross inside the vehicle, after which the Player may start the attempt.

Physics apply to the vehicle (weight, force, and aerodynamics) which the player may compensate or use to benefit the chances of getting to the goal, whilst operating the various parts to get to it. For example, lighter parts like wood will have a lightweight construction meaning faster speed, more aerodynamics and able to achieve in less time. However due to the weakness in strength, the material itself will be vulnerable to damage. Likewise, heavier parts will have a sturdier construction, heavier in weight resulting in less prone to damage, less aerodynamics, more grip and better holding into the surface. However, this resulted in a slower speed due to impacted weight of the material.

The level is graded in stars, much like the other Angry Birds games but, instead of grading the player's performance, they are gained by achieving secondary objectives like: Star Boxes, completing a level without using a part, possibly trying not to break the vehicle, or getting to the objective under par time (2 par times in the Road Hogs levels). The player is rewarded the stars once the goal has been reached.

Sometimes, the player may come across the Birds, whom are initially sleeping. The player can sneak by without using engines, crashing, or boosters otherwise the birds may wake up, mount their slingshot and attack the player, they also use their abilities to help try and stop Ross from reaching the goal.


There are the resources in Bad Piggies:

Snout Coins

Main article: Coins Snout Coins are the resources to buy in-game stuffs like:

  • Unlocking Sandboxes, especially the Little Pig Adventure sandbox.
  • Power-ups (Super Glue, Magnet, etc.)
  • Wooden loot crates
  • Hurry opening crates (Cake Race mode only)
  • Bought the remaining nuts

They can be earned by this ways:

  • Playing levels and earning stars (1 coin each star).
  • Watch a video (give 50 coins and double the player's coin rewards throughout the game for 30 minutes)
  • by King Pig in Dessert Mode
  • In-game purchases


XP (Experience Points) is a feature in Bad Piggies that can be used to earn rewards (Wheel of Fortune) when the player level up. They can be earned by Playing levels and earning stars (20 XP each star), Winning Cake Race mode (100 XP), in Dessert Mode (2 XP each King Pig burps for coins, nuts, or power-ups), using new custom parts (depending on type of common (1-star), rare (2-star), or epic (3-star) parts), craft new custom parts, and getting hidden loot crates (the rarer the crates, the bigger XP earned.)


Nuts are the in-game resources that can be used to craft new custom parts. They can be earned by King Pig in Dessert Mode or in the Hidden Loot Crates.

Secret items / Secret Custom Parts

Secret items, or secret Custom Parts, can be found throughout the game. There are 2 known secret items.

  1. A 3-star Pineapple. This is quite hard to get and is located in The Road to El Porkado 6-12. Tap it 3 times. It replaces an Egg.
  2. A 1-star Blobfish. It's in the main menu. Tap it once. It replaces a Pumpkin.


  • A Bad Piggies Comic has been released on the Bad Piggies website. It can also be read at Angry Birds Nest.
  • On the day of the game's release, Rovio released the Bad Piggies Cinematic Trailer.
  • Bad Piggies is the second game in the Angry Birds series to feature the Bad Piggies' new design since the first version, the first being Angry Birds Chrome and the second being Angry Birds Space.
  • Before the game was launched, there was an advertisement planet on Angry Birds Space advertising Amazing Alex. When Bad Piggies came along, the advertisement was then replaced with the Freckled Pig in a rocket like vehicle to advertise the Bad Piggies Launch.
  • According to Rovio, the Freckled Pig has a real name, however they say that one "wouldn't be able to pronounce it". It was later revealed that his name was Ross.


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