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Bad Piggies (game)

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Bad Piggies (game)
Title Screen
Length (in levels): 90
Rovio Mobile
Released: September 27, 2012
Platforms: iOS

Windows 8
Windows Phone

Ratings: ---
Genre: ---
Version(s): 1.0.0

Bad Piggies is a game coming out on September 27th, 2012 from Rovio. The game's premise is that the player will be on the Pigs' side and would have to build contraptions to get to the eggs, similar to Amazing Alex, Rovio's previous game, maneuvering around courses. Rovio stated that the game has "No slingshot in sight." It will be available for iOS, Android, and Mac, with more devices to follow after launch.

The game has been stated to follow the imagination of a single Pig with freckles, whose hobbies are constructing both land and air-based vehicles.


Bad Piggies - Teaser Trailer00:33

Bad Piggies - Teaser Trailer

Bad Piggies Teaser

Bad Piggies official gameplay trailer01:36

Bad Piggies official gameplay trailer

Bad Piggies Trailer

On August 27, 2012, the Bad Piggies made their own Facebook and Twitter accounts and started teasing readers that they have plans to reveal soon. On August 30th, Rovio posted a video on their YouTube channel featuring the Red Bird on a featureless white background, with pigs falling on top of him and the supertitle "Something PIG is coming" appearing on screen. After eight days of secrecy, on September 4th, the Pigs finally revealed their plans: a new game in which they are the stars. On September 17th, Yahoo! Games has revealed the game play for Bad Piggies. The main point is that you build vehicles (Cars, planes, etc.) out of various materials (wood, glass,stone , etc.) then ride them and try to collect things such as stars, and possibly eggs. The following day, the TV show X-Play made a preview of the game showing more of the game.


  1. Ground Hog Day - 45 levels
  2. When Pigs Fly - 45 levels
  • Bonus: Sand Box (Players are free to construct a vehicle with every construction part available.)



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