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Bad Piggy Records is a record label owned by Rovio. It released Shuffle and Spawn, Ode to Snow, Santamental Me and "Reach the Stars" by Finnish singer-songwriter Saara Aalto, released to promote the Year of the Horse in 2014. It is unknown if the label is still active as Rovio has not used it recently to release any new songs.

Music Videos


  • The Bad Piggy Records name and logo made their debut in the music video for Shuffle and Spawn. The logo appears in a chrome-like finish, forming through a glow effect, similar to video logos of the 1980s. It appears in VHS quality, dated October 21, 1987.
  • Ode to Snow and Santamental Me both use a variant of the logo in which it is formed from a diamond pattern. Ode to Snow makes it look like a 1970s opening logo, while Santamental Me applies a black and white film effect to it.

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