Bamboo Forest - 2

Zone Bamboo Forest
Type Normal Battle
Enemies Black Ninja x1
Ninja Bowman x1
Main Prize Wood :3
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Bamboo Forest - 1 Bamboo Forest - 3

Bamboo Forest - 2 is the second level of Bamboo Forest. As the ninjas birdnap the other birds, Matilda and The Blues have to rescue them. In this level, you will meet the Ninja Bowman - one of the ninja pigs. He can deals damage to all enemies but the target is the strongest, just like Frankenpig. He also have the Dodge power, which can ignores damage greater than 86.


You have to engage 1 Black Ninja and 1 Ninja Bowman. Each enemy's stats are shown below.

Black Ninja Black Ninja

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 487


Spike Formation

Deals 3x 21 damage. Each attack has a 35% chance for a critical hit.



Passive: Can't take more than 112 per attack.

Ninja Bowman Ninja Bowman

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 397



Deals 69 damage. All other enemies take 35 damage.



Passive: Can't take more than 112 per attack.


Choose Matilda in Druid and The Blues in Rogues. Heal with Matilda if the birds' healths are not full and if they're full, attack with her. Then attack with The Blues. Repeat this over until you win or either lose.


Angry Birds Epic Bamboo Forest Level 2 Walkthrough01:08

Angry Birds Epic Bamboo Forest Level 2 Walkthrough

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