Beach Day Level 6
ABStella BeachDayLvl6
Episode Beach Day
Level Number 6
Birds Sequence Stella ABSPoppyABStella (Transparent)WillowABStella (Transparent)PoppyABStella (Transparent)WillowABStella (Transparent)
No. of Pigs MinionPigToons x6
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 69,000 points
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Beach Day Level 5 Beach Day Level 7

Beach Day level 6 is the 72nd level in Angry Birds Stella. To pass this level, you must pop all pigs with 1 Stella, 2 Poppys and 2 Willows. If you have extra birds left in this level, you will earn 10,000 points each bird.

Stella Three Stars Stars

Stella One Star : Pop 6 pigs

Stella Two Stars : 59,000 points

Stella Three Stars : 69,000 points


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Angry Birds Stella Level 6 Episode 2 Beach Day Walkthrough01:05

Angry Birds Stella Level 6 Episode 2 Beach Day Walkthrough

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