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Big Boss is a pig that can make all pigs attack without losing a turn after 3 turns. He is a Forman Pig so his attack power is increased by 25% for each pig ally you knocked out.


BigBoss Big Boss

ABEpicHP (Transparent) HP


Firm Slap

Deals N damage.


Charge Command

Charge: 3 turns. Commands all pigs to attack random targets.


Incompetent Minions

Passive: Damage increased 25% for each knocked out ally.

First Apparence

Cobalt Pig Castle

Strategy of Defeating This Pig

Attack him until he dies, this can be tricky because its health is high.


Warning 1: True to its attack skill name, it can do a firm attack on a bird and damage it very easily. Sometimes it can kill a bird instantly.

Warning 2: Be careful. After 3 turns, this pig can command all pigs to attack random target without losing a turn.

Warning 2: Be extremely careful. This pig can increase his attack power by 25% and there is a chance that he can kill your bird in just 1 hit.

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