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Terence is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2010 as the second new character added into the original game through updates, the first being Hal. After his first appearance in The Big Setup, Terence becomes a very prominant character in the Angry Birds series of games, even being officially considered as a member of the core flock though he did not appear with them when the game was first released.


Terence's Description in Angry Birds Birdsonality (modified):

Terence is the strong, silent type. Logical, level-headed, and rational, he has a keen analytical mind. His introspective nature can make him seem distant from others - but he, in turn, is sometimes baffled by how irrational and emotional others can be. He best works when he's left with his own thoughts, or when interacting with other people who see things in the same way he does.

Terence is a very quiet, isolated bird that rarely shows emotion. His quiet nature makes it hard for him to bond with the other members of his flock, as he usually keeps to himself and rarely ever talks to the other birds. Despite this, the other birds do accept him as a part of the flock.

Terence's personality traces back to his scarring past, though not much is known about it. He had deeply troubled experiences as a younger bird, and this part of him has affected him present time, as he has gone a very dark and sinister route.

Rightfully so, Terence is an extremely menacing and intimidating bird, and the pigs and at times, even the birds, fear him. (the ground quite literally even shaking as he moves around)

Though he has a very thick outer shell, Terence has shown bits and pieces of emotion to the other members of the flock. At times, he may even crack a smile, though his emotion quickly diminishes.

Terence's Involvment in Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Terence makes his debut in the original Angry Birds game, where he is the seventh bird to be introduced and the second new one introduced through updates. He first appears in The Big Setup, where the entire episode is dedicated to him and Hal. After his introduction level, The Big Setup 9-1, he becomes a playable character in all the themes that follow as well as an official member of the core flock, even though he didn't appear with them in Poached Eggs.

Terence is noticably very similar to Red in appearance, but it has been confirmed that they are not related in any way.

Terence is the only character to be involved in a one-bird level, excluding the Golden Eggs. (a level where there is only one bird to shoot) He is also the only bird without a manually activated ability that does not have a corpse sprite.


While all of the other birds have specific abilities, Terence has none. Instead, he has brute strength, and can wreck through structures in his way with ease. He can smash through glass, wood and stone effectively, something that none of the other birds can do. Like Red, he will only launch a battle cry when the player taps the screen as he is in flight.

However, as the player continuously plays with Terence, he/she will eventually notice that he is flawed in multiple ways. For one, he sometimes will randomly stop in his tracks after hitting a structure, or will even bounce off of some structures, forcefully pushing them instead of destroying through them. It all depends on the blocks he hits and the way he hits them. (for example, he doesn't break square blocks very well)

When the player activates the Power Potion powerup, Terence will quite literally break through anything in his path with ease. This becomes even better when the player adds on the King Sling, as he can break through entire levels without losing speed or angle.

Angry Birds Seasons


Terence appears once again as a playable character, and is introduced with the rest of the characters in the Trick or Treat theme, when the game was still known as Angry Birds Halloween. After his introduction level, he then on appears in all of the following themes as a playable character.

Unlike all the other Angry Birds games, Seasons does not change its character designs, so Terence keeps his classic design.

Like all the other characters, Terence has costumes that can be unlocked by the player.

He, at times, appears in themes as a main character, but a very noticeable one is the On Finn Ice theme, where he visits his cousin Tony in Finland, a character that was unknown to fans. He also appears as a main in the Ski or Squal and Ragnahog themes.

Terence also appears as the Wingman in the Comic-Con level of Pig Days. However, rather than being an actual character with its own designs, it is only Terence in an attached costume. It is more obvious when the player moves Terence around on the slingshot, where the headpiece flimsily moves around.


Terence once again has extreme brute force and strength, just like he does in the original game. Otherwise, not much change is brought to his character.

In Piglantis, water features are introduced, and it is not extremely effective when it comes to Terence. Unless he has space to shoot out of the water, he will not do much damage when he resurfaces. He is much heavier than the other characters, of course, so he will sink much deeper than the rest of the other birds.


Tony is a seperate character to Terence, and is his cousin that lives in Finland. He first appears in On Finn Ice, and then on it has become a tradition to re-introduce Tony as a playable character in all of the winter-based themes for the game. He appears in three themes in total, the other two being Ski or Squeal and Ragnahog, and is a main character for both. He also appears once in Pig Days, level 3-12.

He is so far the only playable bird in the Seasons game to be exclusive to that game. While Bubbles and Stella were both introduced in the Seasons game, they then on went to become parts of Red's flock and have appeared as main characters in multiple different installments for the series.

Tony is almost identical to Terence, but bears a difference in color and feathers, as his are much thicker as he lives in a colder climate. 

While this detail has been overlooked by Rovio, Tony bears a resemblance to Terence's toons design, rather than his classic design.


Tony, unlike Terence, actually bears an ability. He, when the screen is tapped, flies downwards, and causes a mini-explosion on the first surface he hits. It is suggested that the player activates his ability at a high velocity so that he can have a lot of speed when he dives, so that he is much more destructive.

Tony can also be used just like Terence, and will have the same destructive effect that Terence does.

Angry Birds Rio

Terence appears in Angry Birds Rio as a playable character, first appearing in Airfield Chase. Though it is unknown how he got there, it can be assumed that he travelled there with the rest of the flock to save Red, Chuck, and Jay, Jake, and Jim as they had been kidnapped. After his introduction level, he then on appears as a playable character in all of the themes that follow.

Once Terence and the other members of the flock defeat Nigel and free the captive birds, they hijack the smuggler's plane and fly back to Piggy Island, where they arrive just in time to save the eggs from being captured by the pigs once again.

A while later, Terence and the rest of the flock travel back to Rio to visit their friends, Blu and Jewel. This begins the Rio 2 segment.

In this segment, all the characters recieved an animation change to their Toons designs, along with Terence. Terence made noticable changes, his face was made much smaller in comparison to his body, making him seemingly much larger. His body is also much more rounded and wider, and slightly bounces when he lands. He also recieves better shading and different outlining.


Terence bears the same ability that he has in the previous two Angry Birds games, and no real changes are made to his strength, size, or speed.

While caged birds/dolphins and marmosets are much more tougher than the easily popped pigs, it is not as much of a problem for Terence, as he is much more stronger than the other birds. However, it still manages to be a problem for Terence, and he will be weaked much quicker than if he were to be tearing through a large grouping of pigs.

There are also water features introduced in Rio in the High Dive theme, and they work the same way for Terence as they do in Piglantis.


  • Terence's spots are purple rather than dark red on his plush.
  • He was first referred to by his proper name, Terence, by Red Bird in the Season's Greetings Comic.
  • Terence is the largest member of The Flock (excluding Bubbles Inflated form and The Mighty Eagle).
  • Terence used to make Red's pain noises (in low pitch) in Angry Birds Friends. This was later on changed.
  • He was the first bird to have a confirmed name.
  • Strangely enough, although Terence is the largest and probably the heaviest bird of all, he flies well.
  • Terence and the Blues are the only male Birds in Angry Birds Toons to have a female voice performer.
    • They are also the only characters to have known family members. The Blues are quite literally brothers, while Terence has his cousin Tony from Finland.
  • Though Terence and Red are the same species and share the same features, it has been confirmed that they are in no way related. This has dissapointed many fans, as most strongly believed that they were brothers. (as the most commonly used name for Terence was previously "Big Brother Bird" before the birds had names)

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