• In a crown promo
  • The incredible Terence in angry birds space 3D Promo video on YouTube.
  • In The Big Setup cutscene.
  • Take NOTE, Pigs!
  • Terence seems to be afraid of Mighty Eagle.
  • The original "suprised" Big Brother Bird
  • Terence the Big Brother Green Bird
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Big Brother Bird with Heikki's racing helmetGo to Angry Birds Heikki
  • Big Brother Bird surprised
  • Terence with a pig
  • Roar!
  • Terence wearing a fruit basket.
  • Terence looking at the Pigs
  • sprites
  • Terence as seen in Angry Birds Epic.
  • Terence, as seen in the Angry Birds Toons trailer.
  • Terence in Angry Birds Go!


  • Plush
  • Space Plush
  • Backpack Clip
  • Speedster