Bird Flu is the forty-fifth episode of Angry Birds Toons. It was released on Toons.TV on January 19, 2014

Toons.TV Description

The birds are all sick with the flu! It's a great chance for the pigs to grab the eggs if they can make it out without getting sick themselves!


Matilda is taking care of the Eggs when suddenly Jay, Jake, and Jim fall from a nearby tree. They look very ill, with red spots all over their bodies. She screams as Red comes by to check on her. Suddenly, Matilda and Red becomes infected.

Meanwhile, King Pig is seen outside looking through his telescope, until he sees the Eggs and the sneezy Red on guard. He becomes surprised and sends Corporal Pig and Minion Pigs to steal the Eggs. When the Pigs arrive near the eggs, one Minion Pig is out trying to snatch the eggs. Red spots the Pig and tries to launch an attack, but sneezes and faints in the process, causing him to lay on the ground. Corporal Pig finally grabs the eggs and returns to Pig City. Back to Matilda and The Blues, she is making a antidote for the flu to recover herself and The Blues together. They come back to the eggs until they realize the Pigs stole them due to Red's sickness, and defeat. Matilda begins to get angry at the pigs because of the flu (a thunderstorm appears in the background), and then the Birds go to Pig City.

Meanwhile, in Pig City, King Pig is waiting for Corporal Pig and his henchmen to arrive. They all got the flu! All the Pigs gasp except King Pig who wants to continue the celebration. He snatches the Eggs, ready to eat them. As King Pig is about to eat scrambled eggs, all Pigs got the flu from the same kind. Suddenly, the Birds, in hazmat suits, arrive. Red rushes out to save the Eggs and succeeds in doing so. As the Birds leave the tower, Jim blows a raspberry at King Pig before leaving. In the end, King Pig has the flu!




  • The title card's background is similar to an earlier episode, The Bird That Cried Pig, but it's reversed.
  • In this episode, Corporal Pig says "C'mon!"
  • This the first and only time when the birds and pigs are sick.
  • This is the fourth time minion pigs sounded the trumpet. The first was in Pig Talent, the second was in Piggy Wig and the third was in Pig Plot Potion.
  • In this episode, Matilda says "Bye-bye!" or "Tay-tay!"
  • King Pig and Corporal Pig said "Go to Ai-nah!", in different scenes.
  • After the scene of Corporal Pig stealing the eggs, you can see a Minion Pig (second to right) with the bird flu already, although this might be an error or the pig got the bird flu from Red.
  • This is the first of the two Season 1 episodes to be animated by Atomic Cartoons (as credited) and not Toon City.
  • This is the third time King Pig is seen without his crown. The first was in Where's My Crown? and the second was in Trojan Egg.
  • This was #1 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.
  • In the scene where sick Red tries to attack a minion pig, the sound that Red makes is the same one as Red makes in the Angry Birds 2 cinematic trailer.

Title Origin

  • The title is a reference to a disease called "Avian Influenza", a disease which maybe passed from a bird infected by the H5N1 Virus to humans. The disease is also commonly called the "Bird Flu".


  • After the Corporal Pig crashes into the castle, his helmet has spots too.
  • This episode dates in 2013 with the credits instead of 2014 again.

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