For information on the episode in Angry Birds see Bird Island (episode)

Bird Island is the original home of The Flock. It is also the environment that they live in, and it is the main location. The exact location of Bird Island is a mystery, like Piggy Island. Bird Island is first seen in The Angry Birds Movie.

Overall Appearance


Bird Island in Angry Birds Action!

Bird Island is very small compared to Piggy Island. There are multiple houses along with Matilda's Peace Dojo. The slingshot given to the birds by Leonard and his Minion Pigs. The Mighty Eagle's cave in at the highest peak of the island surrounded by little fog. Bird Island has many tall mountains and peaks. There are many trees and vegetation.




  • Bird Island and Piggy Island are close to each other as both the birds and the pigs were able to sail for a short period of time to Piggy Island.
  • Unlike Golden Island and Piggy Island, This island has no monarch to rule it.