Level 10

ABA bs L10 S1

ABA bs L10 S2

ABA bs L10 S3

Island Bird
Level type ABMovie Minion Pig 4
Pigs 8,7,4
Birds available 3,3,3
Target score 12,000
Previous Current Next
ABMovie Minion Pig 4 ABMovie Minion Pig 4 ABMovie Minion Pig 4
Level 9 Level 10 Level 11
Bird Island Level 10 (Angry Birds Action!) is the 10th level in Bird island and the 3rd Pigs level in Angry Birds Action!.

To pass this level, you must pop 8,7,4 pigs on each stages. When you complete the level, you will earn keys to unlock the boxes.


ABA 1 star: 12,000 points

ABAction 2 star: 27,500 points

ABAction 3 star: 84,500 points

Note: Before v.2.3.0 update this level was a Collect Candy level.

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