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Bird Wear is the section of unlockable costumes in Angry Birds Seasons. Each wear could be unlocked by collecting 3 things, scattered around the levels.


Red's Costumes

Blues' Costumes

Chuck's Costumes

Bomb's Costumes

Matilda's Costumes

Hal's Costumes

Terence's Costumes

Bubbles's Costumes

Stella's Costumes

Other Costumes

Marie Hamtoinette Update

Pig Diguse Red (Money)

Fancy Bomb (Money)

Baker Matilda (Money)

Grim Reaper Hal

Nessie Terence (Coins)

Golfer Bubbles

Summer Camp Update

Rafter Red Costume

Flower The Blues Costume

Jouster Chuck Costume

Shark Bomb Costume (Coins)

Bigfoot Terence (Money)

Sleeping Bag Stella Costume

Piggywood Studios Update

Unknown Chuck Costume

Unknown Hal Costume

Unknown Bubbles Costume

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