Bird Wear is the section of unlockable costumes in Angry Birds Seasons. Each wear could be unlocked by collecting 3 things, scattered around the levels.


Red's Costumes

Blues' Costumes

Chuck's Costumes

Bomb's Costumes

Matilda's Costumes

Hal's Costumes

Terence's Costumes

Bubbles's Costumes

Stella's Costumes

Other Costumes

Marie Hamtoinette Update

  • Pig Diguse Red (Money)
  • Fancy Bomb (Money)
  • Baker Matilda (Money)
  • Monk Hal
  • Loch Ness Monster Terence (Coins)
  • Sculptor Bubbles

Summer Camp Update

  • Rafter Red Costume
  • Flower Blues Costume
  • Knight Chuck Costume
  • Shark Bomb Costume (Coins)
  • Bigfoot Terence (Money)
  • Sleeping Bag Stella Costume

Piggywood Studios Part 1 Update

  • "Legolas" Chuck Costume
  • "Charlie Chaplin" Matilda Costume
  • "Aliens" Hal Costume
  • (Unreleased) Bubbles Costume

Piggywood Studios Part 2 Update

  • "No-Face" Stella
  • "Three Stooges" Blues

Hammier Things Update

  • Frankenstein Red
  • Zombie Chuck
  • Skeleton Blues
  • "Jason" Matilda
  • Pixel Bomb
  • Jack-o-lantern Bomb
  • Thanksgiving Terence
  • "Where's Waldo?" Hal
  • Grim Reaper Bubbles
  • Vampire Stella

Ragnahog Update

  • Clothes Hanger Red
  • Hunter Red (Achievement)
  • Hat Chuck (Achievement)
  • Wizard Chuck
  • Leprechaun Blues
  • Christmas Blues
  • Hat Matilda (Achievement)
  • Birdday Matilda
  • Christmas Lights Bomb
  • Viking Terence
  • Gift Box Hal
  • Dragon Hal (Achievement)
  • Snowman Bubbles
  • Bottle Bubbles
  • Giant Horned Viking Stella
  • Cat Woman Stella (Achievement,Also unlocks all exclusives costumes)