• Axelred man


    July 14, 2017 by Axelred man

    red        blues            chuck         bomb              matilda               hal            terence              bubbles               stella             poppy                gale          luca                willow          dahlia             silver              it is themighty eaaaaaaaaaaaaagel            

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    I am very disappointed to say that on my guess, Rovio is simply not taking it seriously and/or doesn't know how to fix bugs. Discontinue all you want.

    Edit: I had enough.

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  • Noy120


    June 2, 2017 by Noy120

    So hi there. My Na I am Noy120 and welcome to my user blog. You have nothing to see here so enjoy. PS. While I'm writing this Blog, the autocorrections annoy me.

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  • The Boomerang

    So below I have an example of what I am intending with all the character pages.

    Obviously, with the movie and the multiple games coming along, multiple storylines are clashing together and that makes it confusing when we're attempting to keep the pages relevant

    So it isn't finished, and I'm planning to work on it more, but here it is right now.

    (this version intends to have seperate gallery pages, as it is neater, but for the sake of it I put everything on the same page)

    "What goes up must crash down!"

    Hal is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2010 and was the first new character added to the Angry Birds series who was not one of the original five birds in the flock. After his fir…

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  • The Boomerang

    hi everyone, it's me again  (o U o)

    so obviously back in january i left and destroyed everybody's hearts and made them cry and feel miserable because they missed me a lot and everything...

    and i've said this a lot.

    in fact, like, i can't even keep track of how many times i've said, "hey, i'm leaving" just to come back a couple months later.

    honestly, i don't even know where my point is going, but i've just felt this random desire to begin editing again.

    but here i am now, so... yeah

    guess i'm sort of just around now :0

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  • Samuel32003

    Today I will be talking about the WIPs on the Toons episode galleries. As you can see that a lot of episodes need to have galleries. Here, I will list either all the complete, incomplete or not started ones in tabs.

    Angry Birds Toons=

    1. Chuck Time (Complete)
    2. Where's my Crown? (Complete)
    3. Full Metal Chuck (Complete)
    4. Another Birthday (Will need to be redone)
    5. Egg Sounds (Will need to be redone)
    6. Pig Talent (Will need to be redone)
    7. Cordon Bleugh! (Complete)
    8. True Blue? (Will need to be redone)
    9. Do As I Say! (Will need to be redone)
    10. Off Duty (Will need to be redone)
    11. Slingshot 101 (Will need to be redone)
    12. Thunder Chuck (Will need to be redone)
    13. Gardening with Terence (Will need to be redone)
    14. Dopeys on a Rope (Will need to be redone)
    15. Trojan Egg (Will need to be redone)
    16. Double Take (Wil…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    I had compiled a list of the voices and the SFX in the game Angry Birds POP!

    (Bee Critter)
    (Bee Critter)
    (Bee Critter)
    (Bee Critter)
    (Bee Critter)
    (Hatchling Freed)
    (Hatchling Freed, not used)
    (Hatchling Freed, not used)

    (Not used) (Not used) (Not used)

    (Stella Star sound High quality from the ABStella game)

    Some files are

    1. skipped because Rovio hides the files deep into the package.
    2. deleted because the player cannot play the files length is too short.
    3. cut off last portion of a second.
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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    It looks like they are redesigning the game package. On previous versions there are only a few files that we are able to actually use.

    They are

    • Music files (96Hz quality)
    • OpenSans and AngryBirdsTxt.tff

    and nothing else. If you want other than these files, good luck because those are scripts for the game.

    Now we are able to get behind the scenes, there are

    audio folder:

    • Upgraded quality music
    • In game SFX
    • Birds' voices

    images folder:

    • wp (left menu)
    • tutorial (tutorial images)
    • other (there is Red and Chuck join the flock image)
    • login (art menu)
    • intro (pre level screen icons)
    • gates (map icons)

    There is a problem now. Those pictures are not jpg friendly. These pictures are in webp file extension. You have to come up a way for this.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Character Match

    April 19, 2017 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Willow - Riko Sakurauchi

    Gale - Yoshiko Tsushima

    Red - Dia Kurosawa

    The Blues - Nozomi Tojo

    Bubbles - Ruby Kurosawa

    Stella - Chika Takami

    Poppy - Mari Ohara

    Luca - Hanayo Koizumi

    Bomb - Honoka Kousaka

    Matilda - Chika's mother

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  • Iamarepeater

    Some things to remember to input about this event for later.

    • Started on 29 March 2017, 11:00 PM, SGT
    • First wolrdboss event with an ally (a pig named Valkyrie)
      • Ally's secondary skill applies to all allies even though it says target.

    More will be added once I get the time to.

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  • AquaChoco1997

    Lack of Active

    March 27, 2017 by AquaChoco1997

    I apologize I wasn't really online on here, I've been doing with my personal schedule and other stuff going-on. I'm still playing Epic and Fight, I'll be updating them but first I need to finish few things on my To-Do List.

    Speaking of AB Fight, I sent the email request to Rovio if they still continue with that game, they said they couldn't share update schedules or plans at the moment. Idk if Fight is completely finish or still on-going, since there's nothing new about new islands or Dr. Pig lab levels for 8-9 months. We'll see if there's any new information for AB Fight.

    So yeah, uh I'll be more active on AB Wiki next month (I have Spring Break next month, whoo~). :D

    ~ AquaAngryBirdsFan/Nsponge200

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    I will be mainly focusing on the Angry Birds POP events and no other games. I had lost interest (we knew that the Angry Birds bandwagon wouldn't last and starting to fall apart for the popularity sometime ago). I might leave on April, because it will be a final year with the intense study, projects, tons of papers and meet with the working industry people. (Fully back in 2022?) Other free times, I might add in leftovers in the articles.

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  • Iamarepeater

    Not so much of a blog. More of a place where I can remember to put my observation in of the Tinker Titan, a worldboss of Angry Birds Epic.

    1. I have reasons to believe that the damage dealt regardless of how much HP the worldboss has left over remains unchanged. Until version 2.0.0 (got this info via the patch notes), it did do more damage as its HP got lower. I will post pictures below once I upload them here.
    2. I believe the secondary effect changes every time it lost 1/3 of its health. Can someone check this for me?
    3. If stunned, new drones are not summoned.
    4. Tinker Titan started off with 2 Tinkered Drones.
    5. Summoned drones are each of the following:
      1. Fiery
      2. Hasty
      3. Crafty
      4. Sneaky
      5. Frosty
    6. Only the worldboss is needed to beat the stage but it's recommended to tak…
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  • Chuck790


    February 16, 2017 by Chuck790

    why are the admins leaving the wiki nooo

    please help the wiki

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  • Phantom of Ra

    Bye, Angry Birds.

    February 16, 2017 by Phantom of Ra

    OK, this is supposed to be made a very long time ago but as I'm too busy with homework and the PvZ Wiki so I can't make this, and I also don't have much experience of making a serious blog anyway.

    Sorry guys but I have to leave the wiki, not because The Boomerang demoted me but it's because I'm so disappointed about Angry Birds. Its toons, the movie and ABEpic are the only things that are meaningful to me right now. Also, as I also got promoted as an admin in the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, I have to manage things there.

    Anyway, you should know the truth, which is, I was UNDERAGED. I was like 8 when I first joined the wiki! Welp, that explains how my edits are so childlish back then. Yeah, right, I was blocked in the PvZ Wiki for 24 days because o…

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  • LJG Roblox PC


    February 10, 2017 by LJG Roblox PC

    Cool! I love this site plz I love it :)

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  • Chuck790

    hello everyone I just want to say that I can't open angry birds coca-cola I write on my browser and it opens angry can anyone help me please

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    If you are sensitive  about me talking about Rovio and AB games, please do not continue to read.

    A general highlights:

    1. Rovio used to put up a pretty good show with AB Stella, with a wide range of merchandises, in-game content, etc.

    2. They introduced a new game that is the sequel to the AB Stella, Angry Birds Stella POP!.

    The tables where turned:

    3. The AB Stella comic was abandoned, since there are only two comic AB Stella based. The English version was never made, comes to a point that they are starting to get lazy.

    4. AB Stella was discontinued for no whatever reason was planned for, the story was Gale was transported into a cave, and then changed into a circus. Sounds illogical to do that.

    5. Angry Birds Stella POP! now changed into Angry …

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  • Jerryzou

    Editors, if you are reading this, I have something serious to tell you and super important.

    The numbers and the words passive and charge on the pigs template need to be colored!

    So editors, don't ignore this! Seriously! And, don't need to change the template Angry Birds Epic birds too!

    And if some ability icons are wrong, change it, the colors. Red Green Blue.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Angry Birds Dice

    Gameplay: Controls: Graphics:

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  • DeviantPooper

    The last Angry Birds game should end up with ALL of the birds and pigs becoming friends and the three unhatched eggs will finally hatch!

    Who agrees with my idea? I think it's a happy ending if the birds and pigs all stop fighting and that we will finally get to see the eggs hatch!

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  • PrinceGoldenGale
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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Some fun

    January 8, 2017 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Relieving some Gale's moments

    Unblocking / Blocking Gale

    That Golden Egg should represent as a picture for block.

    Your highness.

    Cute Stella's eyes

    Handsome pig is too silly. Get rid of him.

    My golden egg!


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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    20 December

    December 20, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    A few debrief on the updates:

    1.Angry Birds Holiday shutting down on 30 Dec. Unfortunately I am having trouble with the app now, so I will try my best to get the game as fast as possible

    2.Angry Birds Football discountinued, however working as per normal. Just like AB Stella, the offline mode works. I can grab the game info anytime.

    3.Angry Birds POP! facebook will be shutting down on the 24th.

    4.Angry Birds Blast! will be in app srores on 22nd.

    5.To my dismay, very unfortunately, my tail wire of my laptop charger goes into the graveyard. There is no light, however there are sparks when connected into the AC to DC transformer while the mains are switched on. Oh help. My battery left with 20 percent and it is difficult to continue with my task. N…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    13 December 2016

    December 13, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Unleashing inner anger.


    Because Rovio chuck one side about the game and months later after the development, they decided to discontinue every single **** game. Rovio, stop these excuses. Please, it will further damage your company reputation if you keep doing this. You used to be great at that time. Why can't you? You are just lazy and cannot be bothered anymore. What do you think you are doing right now? I have been loyal to your customer support and excited about your development since before AB POP! Hamhock Holmes update and Ace Fighter. You have absolutely no ideas to add on into the game? There are lots of ideas that you can think of, come on! You just sticking to recycling garbage, copy and pasting into a new template and modifying i…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    11 Dec

    December 11, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    I am very disappointed with Rovio. Again, they are recycling Red. That is what I have expected. Recycling that **** Red again for the 3 time. Stubborn devs.

    Rovio I guess are not listening to us now. I am sad to say I am not playing the game more actively because of your stubbornness in bug fixing (3 star target) and it makes no sense for others to achieve that score in my video. This version is the old version and they nerfed the scores 0.001% chance you will earn 3 stars in this present version (Level 44). To me, not possible. You are very lazy to look into this issue. Last 5 months ago I had a joyful experience with you, you looked forward into my love letter and get it done. For now, I am speechless. Very disappointing support.

    Rovio, we …

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    I was getting and getting way too desperate for Rovio to change their mindset about their updates. I am guessing they are not lending their ears to us.

    These are the problems that I have sent so far.

    Usually it will take 4-5 days for Rovio to shoot back a solution emails to me. Some are generic, meaning the basic remedies.

    Now, the support is terrible. The way it was before was above my expectations, and now the tables were turned. I can't believe it! The devs aren't making a single effort to fix the issue! (I will not mention the times and their names to protect their privacy)

    Guess what (the game)?

    1. They are thrashing levels again. Really? Rovio, more levels mean fun? Are you serious? Wrong. Why are you competing with your rivals against le…

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  • SuperMario43

    Well, 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the people in this wiki have read my first blog that was about the same thing with this one (the one you're currently reading)  but based on the Angry Birds Movie. So, there you have it:

    Red isn't actually an orphan. His egg was lost before he hatches and the people from the nursery of Bird Island. Then they went to all the houses except for the houses of Mighty Eagle's and Red's Parents's. They where both living in Mighty Eagle Mountain. But as his parents weren't found, he was considered an orphan. Later, he was the first one to realize that the pigs wanted to do something weird, and while he saved 366 eggs with Chuck and Bomb, his budies, he saved the 677th egg, the Blues, on his own. I …

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Super Deal!

    November 27, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    I have activated a 12-hour infinite life bundle!

    So let's get popping and see how well I can go!

    Remember to grab the deal if you haven't done so as it will give you a boost to catch-up on the levels especially if you are falling way behind!

    Update 1: My infinite life: 7 hours left!

    Update 2: Report!

    I have activated the deal, so it will be a full blast for 12 hours not really because it will be a headache.

    After the use of massive boosters and bugging some advertisement videos, I felt teased though. Struggled on a hard level.

    Rovio, why do you have to make a level super hard? Did you quality check your levels? I think you have tested the levels, but you are making it hard already. And even harder. (Spike in difficulty) Oh gosh, how hard do you wa…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Pumpkin Patch Update

    November 20, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    After rounds of King Pig's Landing, Gale's removal and revisit for the last time before her depature, and Matilda, Bomb are permanently playable obtaining their powerup to be the same Willow and Poppy respectively. My question is,

    Where is Willow, Poppy, Dahlia, and Gale?

    Luca is a confirmed Stella character to make its annual return. Terence will be returning as a non-playable bird but he will be assigning tasks. The Blues will make a return too.

    How about the rest of the characters?

    My opinion

    Poppy - will return as an annual limited time bird

    Willow - will return as an annual limited time bird or permanently removed

    Gale - permanently removed or annual limited time bird

    Dahlia - Rovio have been slient about her since it was been a year now, mos…

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  • Piggyfan101

    off-topic sniz

    November 18, 2016 by Piggyfan101

    i really have no idea how the splatoon fandom became so horrible so i left it. KEKCROC. 

    head banging speicalist


    i have a fanfic in mind but i dont know where to put it

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  • Tyrex56

    Hi, everybody.

    November 2, 2016 by Tyrex56

    Hi, everyone. Some of you may remember me, but I've been inactive for almost 3 years now. I'm sorry for that. Anyways, this little blog post is just to state that (in case it wasn't obvious already) I'm officially leaving wikis. It's been a good run, and I appreciate every one of you who welcomed me with open arms when I started wikis all that time ago. Thank you so very much everyone. I hope your lives treat you well, and once again, thank you all so much. Anyways, you all take care of yourselves, and goodbye.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Understanding why

    October 21, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Stella series is down. It is hard to believe that some of us won't forget it. Now, it is time to let go of it. Their treehouses will disappear into nowhere, leaving fans questioned, and Willow, Poppy, Luca, Willow, and Gale will have a very slim chance to come back into Angry Birds POP!...


    Good news, one of the Stella characters is making a come back now, that is in Holiday. Hint: Everyone's favourite crush and royalties.

    I mean, I am talking about and

    Unconfirmed are and .

    Credit transparencies to the respective editors.

    Unconfirmed characters are 50% chances to appear in AB Holiday, other then that, Rovio will unlikely make those characters in other AB games.

    Becuase those characters appear in the movie and movie event before Stella se…

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  • YafiAldiPranotoHalim YAPPWikiaIndonesia GregUnvrs1

    If you mostly clever, try this challenge to guess what the Angry Birds' and Bad Piggies' characters. 1 character per 1 clues.

    1. This character is generally positive, and soaks up every second of an episode

    2. This character loves to act wild and has a dark backstory

    3. This character is someone you hate at first but then begin to like as the series goes on., and has tons of character development.

    4. This character almost never talks at first but then we learn so much more about her.

    5. This character created many memes.

    6. This character is in between, and has many mood changes. Some of the fandom likes her, others don't because they think she is bratty, spoiled, and overrated.

    7. This character is voiced by the man who does every animal voice i…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hi guys and girls!

    The Angry Birds Ace Fighter is coming into an end. The game is overshadowing with some bugs however, and it was not meant to be fixed and left behind, we were given about 2 months to play the game before it set sail into the direction of the sunset, silhouetting at the sunset. We had fun times at Ace Fighter, and the frustating moments in it. Good memories don't last forever, so now we have to say goodbye to the Ace Fighter.

    The pages will never be fully complete before it takes time to complete the information. Since some of the info is left non-existent in the game, such as the final production of the game in which will be never be released.

    There will be another game by Rovio to look out for. AB Football, AB Holiday, AB …

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  • The Boomerang


    October 3, 2016 by The Boomerang

    Hello Angry Birds Wikians, this is The Boomerang, the sort of most annoying person on the wiki ever. (previously known as "The brown bird" for some reason, I really forgot)

    After around a year of being the main Bureaucrat, I decided to leave at around February. To be honest, I really did lose interest in Angry Birds.

    But I did miss the extra work after a couple months and decided to come back to see how things were doing.

    And I'm really happy with all the results that I'm seeing so far and I've decided to give it another go.

    And I'm not as annoying and petty as I used to be, so don't think I'm a horrible person anymore.

    So I'm sort of... here... now. I really don't know how to end this not awkward and all, so I'll just leave it at that. .-.


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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hi guys and girls!

    Sadly to say, I am leaving this wiki for good. Nope, not leaving, but I will put it on hold, I felt that some of the pages are incomplete, and somewhat to me and you guys missed, I will be capturing some stuffs of the game and will be complied together in the page. I will do my best as much as I can. I have lack of time, since after lesson, I have 3 or 4 hours left on Monday to Thursday to focus on my schoolwork. That is very short. Sometimes it will take even longer than 2 hours, because of some understanding needed. On Friday, yes I have half of the day, but I will for the most to most upload to youtube my AB POP! Walkthrough videos. Weekends, I will be too focused on my schoolwork.

    I am very sorry, guys, I have to go bu…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hi there AB Fan Flock members,

    It has been the week of before September ends. I would announce unfortunately, I will be not contributing as much because I will be focusing on my schoolwork. In the month of October onwards, the term gets very intense and I may need to lay back for this wiki.

    For any urgent matters only, please leave a message on my wall.

    Signed by


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  • AquaChoco1997

    I'm gonna write this about the small update with Angry Birds related.

    Angry Birds Ace Fighter would be my last Angry Birds game for a while, because due to my personal schedule I have recently (I'm about to get a job in next few years) and getting, you know, newer Angry Birds games would made me feel kinda stress or have no time for getting them. That doesn't mean I'll lose interest with it, I just need a break that's all.

    I'll be still playing Epic and Fight (for now). I'll also play the pervious Angry Birds games like the Original, Seasons, and/or others (I'm not sure). That includes older versions, which now I have APK file for Angry Birds v1.3.5 (the first release for Android version?; 10/19/2010). The reason I have this is to adding inf…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hello there the AB fan flock members,

    There are some theories that I have made it up for the Stella characters.

    In the past, we knew in v1.8,0, the Stella name was removed to rename the game as Angry Birds POP! due to the fact the former game Angry Birds Stella was discontinued.

    v2.3.0 indicates the replacement of Drop the Pigs levels from Stella to Red and Piggy in the Middle with Dahlia to Chuck and end off with her time-limited event before she was removed.

    In Thanksgiving, Bomb pays a visit for 2 weeks and was removed.

    Luca for his treehouse update with 20 days.

    In Valentines Day Picnic, goes the same with Matilda for 2 weeks.

    Then the Hatchlings for the movie event.

    The Blues appear as summer treats for a limited time of 2 weeks in Lost at th…

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  • Zambiealex

    Piggy Tales Wiki

    September 2, 2016 by Zambiealex

    Hello, My name is Zambiealex and I am a user on Wikia. Recently I created the Piggy Tales Wiki. I am here to tell you why you should join it. 

    Piggy Tales is a hilarious show and who does not like it! It is a neverending show with wacky characters, even the apperence of Chef Pig in Batter Up!

    If you help this wiki, it could grow big and strong! Who knows.

    So that is all I got to tell you but you can help if you want...

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    I can't sleep this morning, I had glared my eyes on the phone's screen. The purple royal bird is on the hunt of the golden egg in the past. The color would be amethyst on sight, with the lighter shade of purple on the belly. The eye eyelashes are long, queen and majestic that commands the pigs and the ruler of the piggy island. No more.

    King Pig was on the departure from the Piggy Island to Golden Island. On sight by the minions, they finally gave the King Pig a huge welcome. In the episode, You Asked for It, Stella and her friends watched the golden egg flinging into the sea. Gale loses her obsessing power on the golden egg, as well as the minions in the change of Angry Birds POP! from v2.22 to v2.23.

    The crown on Gale remained and she will…

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  • Gobbol943


    September 1, 2016 by Gobbol943

    Knave277 Here With Confusing News.

    I Just Played AB POP! Today And After I Updated It I Noticed One Thing.


    I Liked Gale Better As An Antagonist On Stella's 'Defeat Gale' Levels!

    Now It's 'Defeat King Pig' With Red!

    What Do You Think, Is Gale Better As An Antagonist Or Limited Playable Bird?

    Leave Answers In Comments Below.

    Knave277 Out!

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  • Gobbol943

    Knave277 Here!

    I'll Make It Official: I'm Joining This Wiki In 2017, And Leaving Mixels Wiki The Year After.

    I'll Be A Wiki Contributer On This Very Site!

    After I Join, I'll Make Angry Birds Fan Stories!

    See You Next Year! (June To Be Exact!)

    Knave277 Out!

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    August 17

    August 17, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Right now, am I doing now is the transparencies and the updates for the Angry Birds 2.

    The AB2 page was only Characters, Chapters and Trivia so far at the time before I came in for more information about the game. The list was not updated, the Arena information was missing from the start, daily quest, chests, or maybe I shall say, gems, because gems are the integral core of the AB2, which is currency for the game. Do not expect me to finish it up sooner, because there are less people here.

    I may not have the time for the AB Ace Fighter pictures... Makes me sad now, I need to fill in more information about the AB2 page.

    Oh no! Am I late, that lil bird Luca is going away soon! Please, no Luca, don't level me just yet! I have not done the walkt…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    August 15 2016

    August 15, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Now, there is a clear rule of the Article Comments. Many people left the wiki and strength was reduced drastically, the intense heat of schoolwork for most of you out there.

    We will heighten the policies for Article Comments since there are some users comment on the article about the game and not the page. This is called Spam. Meaning not related. Period.

    Do not in (example only) Stella page, comment about the Stella bird being weak, cute, giving less points in the game or whatever. If you comment on the Stella  page size should be medium and not small, it is fine.

    You will now be warned for the next offence. And, for the second time, or third time, you will be suspended (blocked) by the admins. No kidding.

    Does not mean many people left the wiki …

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  • Gobbol943

    Surprise Arrival!

    August 12, 2016 by Gobbol943

    Hey Angry Birds Wiki!

    My Name's Knave277, I'm From The Mixels Wiki!

    I've Decided To Accept It.

    I'll Juggle Having Two Active Wikis!

    So See You Soon!

    Knave277 Out!

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    For those people who are new here in this wiki and asking to be an admin:

    1. Read the policies. Do you know that we have policies for this wiki? Schools have their own set of rules, right? No talking when the teacher is teaching. Same goes to here.
    2. How long have you stayed on this wiki? A few days? If you have not stayed and contribute long enugh, put in more effort on your contributions.

    Relate a scenario: You wanted to be a headmaster of the high school when you have just came with not enough experience. You'll need training courses to licensed to be.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    27 July

    July 27, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Listen up!

    After a month of waiting, the Angry Birds Ace Fighter was released in a second phase testing (OBT)! However, the game was only released in Asia unfortunately, it was focus mainly in Southeast Asia. Participating countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

    The game server will be starting

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  • Oakdaswagga
    (Sorry about bad grammar and other stuff)

    Alright,I'm really want to review this game for a long time.

    So the Angry Birds Blast! made me feel like i'm playing Candy Crush. But instead of swap candies. You have to pop the ballons to save the birds. there are other objectives as well. such as Pop the Pigs,Lift up balloons,Pop the balloon pigs etc.

    The difficulty of this game is similar to Angry Birds POP!. Some levels are hard and some levels are easy. The game is only available in certain countries as a soft launch. I hope that they release it in worldwide soon. 

    Alright that's it for today. Daswagga out.

    Read more >

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