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  • Whirl27

    Hey AB Wiki.

    I have an idea, to help determine difficulty for episodes, count up the number of levels of each difficulty in each and calculate the average difficulty. Have 'very easy' as 1, 'easy' as 2, 'considerably easy' as 3 and so on.

    Thanks a lot!

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  • BorgyDudeMan

    AB Stella ep issues

    August 13, 2015 by BorgyDudeMan

    OK now, whenever I would check a page involving the animated series of Angry Birds Stella with an incomplete or empty plot, I had to change them. But there`s still more, and I don`t like it. I hope their plots will be finished by either me or another user in the future.

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  • Tyrannosaurus dude11

    I'm new.

    August 12, 2015 by Tyrannosaurus dude11

    I'm new in this wiki so yeah...

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  • Startodo

    I'm back

    July 23, 2015 by Startodo

    Hello AB Wiki

    So yeah as you can probably see in the title, I have returned from my period of absence. For those of you who care (maybe 1 or 2 of you) and  was wondering where I went, basically buisness at my work has picked up and I was just way too busy to edit anything. Combine that with other things and I had no time to come on the wiki (mind you, I still did check up once in a while). So this also means I cant be very active anymore but I will still continue to edit. And Phanminhnhat, if you are reading this, I haven't forgotten about those Stella POP! achievements;  I will upload it hopefully later tomorrow but this isnt a guarantee. So yeah thanks for reading 

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  • ToyGoldenFreddy2

    About Ruby

    July 17, 2015 by ToyGoldenFreddy2

    Has Anyone Played Angry Birds Friends? If So, You'd All Know That Ruby Is Playable In Angry Birds Friends. Sure You Have To Customize Your Character To Get Red Look Like It But It's Still Ruby.

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  • Gale is nothing other than the boss

    What is her color?

    Silver the Silver Bird?

    Silver the Gray Bird?

    i don't know.

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  • The Boomerang

    So upon first laying eyes on THIS monstrosity:

    WHAT was Rovio THINKING???? Personally, Angry Birds Stella is one of the BEST Angry Bird games out there. There's the beautiful lush graphics, the unlimited levels, the perky likable new characters, NO. Stella Pop isn't even Stella Pop anymore. POPPY, LUCA, WILLOW, DAHLIA AND GALE are HOMELESS. THAT'S WHAT IT IS!

    ROVIO, THIS MEANS WAR! *burns house down* HAHAHA

    No, just kidding. And yes, this IS Boomerang. And no, I do remember that there is a "no caps policy", but you guys can do the same thing and let your feelings out over this monstrosity. *clears throat* AHEM.

    So as most of you know, Rovio has decided to DISCONTINUE (sorry, sorry) Angry Birds Stella and this is just a - wow. No, we Birdians w…

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  • Gale is nothing other than the boss

    Here you can ask stuff , such as: Daren Antinoob's Revenge, Angry Birds and other like that (including the anime)

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  • 744442

    Meets Silver

    July 13, 2015 by 744442
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  • Whirl27

    Variable Difficulty

    July 3, 2015 by Whirl27

    Hey ,

    I have added 'Variable' difficulty to the difficulty system. It isn't actually a level of difficulty, levels with variable difficulty may have a various difficulty depending on how exactly the level is layed out.

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  • BorgyDudeMan

    It`s been a while

    June 28, 2015 by BorgyDudeMan

    It`s been a while I have`nt logged on to this wiki, yet now, I`m back :-(

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  • Moustache of Gox

    There has been some news in the Angry Birds Movie which you didn't change in the page. Carlos Azraqui will play the King Pig and the date has been changed to May 20, 2016.

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  • 태인


    June 5, 2015 by 태인

    본 블로그 문서는 한국어로 이루어진 문서입니다.

    앵그리버드는 2009년 12월 11일에 출시된 스마트폰 게임앱이자 스마트폰하면 먼저 떠올리는 게임입니다.

    안녕하세요. 태인입니다.

    오늘 앵그리버드 위키에 가입하게된 사람입니다.

    제가 좋아하는 새는 레드,척,블루스,밤(봄),버블,스텔라,윌로우입니다.

    일단 전 '픽스아트'(PICSART)라는 앱으로 앵그리버드 사진를 만들고 있습니다.

    그리고 가끔 앵그리버드 커플 사진도 만들고 있죠.

    특히 버블 스텔라,척 윌로우 커플 사진를 자주 만듭니다!

    척 윌로우 커플의 경우 제가 생각한 커플인데 전 마음에 들어하는 커플입니다.ㅎ

    앞으로 시간되면 자주 활동 하도록 하겠습니다.


    This blog documents is made of Korean. Angry Birds smartphone game app, which was launched on 11 December 2009 and, first, mean a smartphone games. Hello. Taein. Wiki Angry Birds on the one who is joined today. My favorite bird is red, blues, blues, and (Spring) night, bubble, Stella, Willow. First of all, 'I'm unable to buy Angry Birds app, called 'Fix the art'(Picsart) the making.

    Angry Birds and sometime…

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  • Startodo

    Hey everyone,

    Just though I'd put it out there, but I'll be inactive for about a week as I will be really busy. If you need me to do anything, leave me a message on my talk page and I'll respond back to them when I return


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  • RatchetInTheDino

    Hello, everybody. I'm Ratchet here, call me Adrian for short. I started editing on the wiki TODAY, and I'm happy to be here as an editor in this lovely wiki.

    Let's all go back around 2011, when I bought a new iPod touch. The retailer downloaded an old version of Angry Birds Seasons, and I tried to play it. It was not so hard to get used to the gameplay. In December of that year, I bought the other Angry Birds games for my iPad 2.

    I joined wikia last July 18, 2014 and became an editor of the Stampylongnose Wiki (later became as a chatmod then admin). And since I like Angry Birds so much, I decided to visit this Wiki and edit then.

    Hope you all listened to my story and I will copy-paste this story onto my userpage soon. RatchetInTheDino (talk) 06:37…

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  • TheGamersUnleashed

    Sorry for not contributing so long. But like Qaz and a few others, I have somewhere else to be. (Sorry if that last sentence didn't make sense.) I have devoted my wikia life to MCPE Wiki, so sorry guys. But rarely I will be active, so don't panic. You'll always see me every now and then. But as I said, I am not stepping down.


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  • The Pirates channel

    Angry Birds Epic is a game released in 2014. It is a strategy game based in the battles between the birds and the pigs. Here are some tricks, tips and strategies about this game.


    Required Birds: Red Samurai, Matilda Druid, Bomb Captain

    Required Items: Golden Pistol, Golden Bullet

    Required Level: Level 16+

    Go in a level with ninjas in Bamboo Forest. Kill all ninjas except for one. Bomb must have Golden Pistol and Golden Bullet. Make the one-turn shield with Red and heal with Matilda. Then, attack to the ninja with Bomb. The ninja will dodge the attack but there is a chance to take 4+ snoutlings. Continue and when you get bored, kill the ninja with Red and Matilda.

    Required Birds: Red Guardian, Chuck Lightning Bird, Bomb Canoneer

    Required Items: Golde…

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  • Angrybirdsyes Oobigno I mean DAVID.COM!!



    IF YOU ARE AN A BAD USER THAN YOU ARE AN FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you.

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  • Angrybirdsyes Oobigno I mean DAVID.COM!!

    Hello i am David Moses Hungary AND WELCOME to my accaunt.

    Do comment if there is something.

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  • TheGamersUnleashed

    There has been some commotion on the Wikipedia about an...wait for it...Angry Birds film! It is scheduled to be released in 2016 and all birds have legs :/. Write in the comments about what you think the Angry Birds movie will be like!

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  • The Boomerang


    April 10, 2015 by The Boomerang

    So someone tried to get into my account AGAIN, and I swear. You better own up to doing it now, or another option would be to have me track you down with your IP and have you globably blocked.

    Shame on whoever can't keep their own account but have to take another.

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  • TheGamersUnleashed

    I will be inactive for a few days due to leaving behind many other of my favourite wikis, such as The Impossible Quiz Wiki, FNaF Wiki, etc., How about leaving a message on my wall when Angry Birds Under Pigstruction is released in iOS in Australia.


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  • The Boomerang


    April 7, 2015 by The Boomerang

    So, I thought about it for a long time, and now I have found my heart's desire. I no longer want to edit here.

    I still will do my deeds as an admin, give warnings, block if nessecary, and keep things in control, but I will no longer be editing the pages, really.

    DON'T WORRY! I'll still be here for years to come, in conversations with all of you people.

    Not really goodbye, but... hi.

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  • Phanminhnhat
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  • The Boomerang

    New: Not Leaving

    March 25, 2015 by The Boomerang

    Okay, so I created a lot of commotion and so and stuff. I'm sorry for all the horribleness I am causing, no I am not leaving. I do admit now, looking back, I was a bit rash... Wow. This is really awkward. :/ I'll just step back slowly...

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  • Kirbiea2004

    Hi, Angry Hearts. I'm wondering about if you were a admin when this wiki had twelve admins. But I will miss Boomerang after he retires from admin position.

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  • The Boomerang

    Project H.A.L.

    March 17, 2015 by The Boomerang

    As most of you know, Rovio has been ignoring the character Hal, or as you may know it Green Bird or Boomerang Bird.

    I'm starting a new project called H.A.L., Hal Acknowledgement Leauge, to let Hal's popularity rise. Anyone can join and spread the word; joining this group means dedication to:

    • Making constant complaints to Rovio
    • Fan Art about Hal (sent to Rovio via., facebook, or twitter)
    • Keeping up with constant updates on project H.A.L.
    • When it comes to it, *shiver* boycotting all Angry Birds Games that don't include Hal in it. This excludes spinoffs like Stella games or Bad Piggies. May it never go this far.

    What should you complain about? His dissapearance in Angry Birds Toons. Him not in certain games. Etc.

    I've contacted Rovio …

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  • Inqisitor

    New Pigs and Birds

    March 9, 2015 by Inqisitor

    Here I am going to lay out new pigs and birds. Some I invented from scratch, while others - a parody of something. Here are collected the various fictional characters - Bad Piggies and Angry Birds! And each has its own history and characteristics. Also, do not be afraid to spread their ideas! Maybe they will be Completed!

    Vampire - evil bloodsucker ... he scares all Pig-City ... What he wants from all of us?

    Thief - cunning pig very clever! He stole your computer and you have not noticed!

    Doctor - this pig ready medicines and feeds all your pills!

    Magician - magician, magician, a chocolate! Our magician and cook more, like this! He goes out to his house in the swamps. Where there shokoload and burns oink-hearth!

    Robot - the pig iron does not work! …

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  • Birds Fans

     Hello everybody,I am a new member of Angry Birds Wiki.I like Angry Birds very much.I joined the wiki on 19th Feburary,2015. I called my name'Birds Fans',because I think birds are good,and I am a fan of them.

     I love Angry Birds since 2014.I download a Angry Birds Game call'Angry Birds Go!' and I love it very much,so I try other Angry Birds Games,and they are all very cool.I like 'Angry Birds Epic'the best.And when free time,I will watch Angry Birds Toons.It was very exciting.

    But I know everyone was very sad about Angry Birds Stella Toons Ending,even me.It is the first time that a bird dies in a episode.However, I hope the bird will return in Angry Birds Stella Toons Season 2.

    Overall,I am a ture Angry Birds Fans and I please support me! Tha…

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  • PuffleXTREME

    Ok, Really... I Had To censor it!

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  • Bubbles99swell

    These were the top 20 angry birds toons episodes voted by fans. This list started on December 31, 2014 and ended on March 7, 2015. All of these episodes are from the second half of season 1 and season 2.

    1. Bird Flu (Season 1)
    2. Hiccups (Season 1)
    3. Treasure Hunt (Season 2)
    4. Hambo (Season 1)
    5. Chucked Out (Season 1)
    6. Piggies from the Deep (Season 1)
    7. Sweets of Doom (episode) (Season 2)
    8. Oh Gnome! (Season 1)
    9. El Porkador! (Season 1)
    10. The Butterfly Effect (Season 1)
    11. Party Ahoy (Season 2)
    12. The Truce (Season 1)
    13. Operation Opera (Season 1)
    14. Shrub It In (Season 1)
    15. Sink or Swim (Season 2)
    16. Bomb's Awake (Season 1) 
    17. Slumber Mill (Season 1)
    18. Green Pig Soup (Season 1)
    19. Hide and Seek (Season 2)
    20. A Pig's Best Friend (Season 1)

    Number of episodes per season on the list:

    • Season 1: 15
    • Season 2: 5


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  • Peter879

    Hey Guys 

    I just wanted to know if anyone has manneged to download these games because if you have it would be great if you shared them with the wiki!

    • Angry Birds Chrome
    • Angry Birds Breakfast
    • Angry Birds Volcano
    • Angry Birds in The Hunt For The Golden Pistachio
    • Angry Birds Winter Wonderland
    • Angry Birds Vuela Tazos
    • Angry Birds Cheetos
    • Angry Birds Lotus F1 Team
    • Angry Birds McDonald's
    • Angry Birds Coca-Cola
    • Angry Birds Heikki
    • Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles
    • Angry Birds Telepizza
    • Angry Birds Fuji TV
    • Angry Birds in Ultrabook Adventure
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  • 744442
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  • The Boomerang

    I've noticed that some upstart named Clash of Clans has said to be the "next Angry Birds". As a hardcore fan, of course I was instantly enraged. This excuse of a "strategy game" is a collosial waste of time. In Angry Birds, you apply physics with the diffrent forces. For example, Hal is light and has more weight on his body side than his beak side. That is why he rotates. Most of Terence's weight is on his body, which is why HE doesn't rotate or fly as high. In Clash of Clans, you learn nothing. It's just a clone of a game called Backyard Monsters where you create you're own village. You upgrade, upgrade, and upgrade. You get nowhere. Upon "beating" the game you have no acomplishment. You still get attacked and you can't even save your pro…

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  • Juliandjesus23

    i can´t

    January 5, 2015 by Juliandjesus23

    someone can put my picture please

    I can not please administrators as you can put that I think please is this:

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  • Duncan0p


    December 13, 2014 by Duncan0p

    As for the chat with there is no any person and for AngryBirds Wiki and there are people there is no one in the chat, and even comes with a badge no because on AngryBirds Wiki are badges and even table that no one missed the message

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  • MLG Mangle

    About me,The Mangle!

    December 9, 2014 by MLG Mangle

    I do some wierd things sometimes and here is an example----------------------->

    Then I do funny things like the Golden Freddy thing over there.

    Then some theorising things like before The Mangle was torn apart by children.

    Anyways bye!

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  • Al the Emerald Toucanet

    Time to decode and debunk one of the most (if not THE most) greatest mysteries of the universe... AQUAANGRYBIRDSFAN, WHERE DID YOU FIND THE ANGRY BIRDS STELLA PLUSHES?! I'm guessing you saw them at either at Comic Con or some toy convention because I EXTREMELY want them! So, can you please post a comment, AquaAngryBirdsFan? That is, if you're even reading this. It would help in such a treaterous and periless journey through harsh, cold tundras and dry, hot deserts in the greatest and deepest depths of the internet of the digital world of endless possibilites, traveling through the air waves and electric cables and network bases throughout the whole planet Earth, just in the search for a photo location origin so elusive to the point of inte…

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  • Al the Emerald Toucanet

    Here's just something I've noticed in the races on Angry Birds GO!. It occasionally happens, and there's a glitch that boosts them up ahead and it only happened to me once, and I hate it. And I'm pretty sure people hack to do that all the time, and it's kind of  like in VS. Races, where you can push opponents into walls, and they get stuck for the rest of the race and I've seen hackers on Youtube on Angry Birds GO! and I just don't like the fact that you can hack in the game.

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  • The Boomerang

    New Chat Idea

    December 8, 2014 by The Boomerang

    I recently thought up of a weekly thing the entire wiki could get in on.  Every Saturday, we could have a chat discussion on Angry Birds. It could be a jeopardy game, a trivia quiz, theory discussion, etc.etc, but I need a general idea of who is willing to participate and administrator approval. So in the comments, just comment "approve" or "dissaprove" and I need to see who would go.

    The time would be from 11 PM to 12 PM Eastern Time this coming Saturday. If the time does not work for you, please say so in the comments. I will try to work it out. Below is a poll for participants.

    UPDATE: Finally! (Yes, this is still a thing) We will have a jeopardy game this Saturday.

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  • Agustinpainz


    December 6, 2014 by Agustinpainz

    Red and Stella are parents. Hal and Willow are parents. Matilda and Poppy are parents. The Blues and Luca are parents. Bomb and Dahlia are parents. And Bubbles, Chuck and Terence, don't have parents! List of the major angry birds:




    4.The Blues






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  • PerfectionistaBird

    Hi, everyone. I will be inactive for a while, but I will not step down because will continue the service of the wiki. I will be inactive for several days (I don't know how many days) because of the newest typhoon "Ruby" in the Philippines.

    I can't concentrate well on photo editing, personal life, and wiki service all the time. Plus the newest and SLOWEST typhoon that has a speed of only 10 KPH. That is my BIGGEST problem today.

    PAG-ASA (Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) has a newest track that typhoon Ruby will last LONG up to Wednesday (Dec. 10, 2014) and that will be changed everytime if the typhoon has something different on strength, gustiness, and direction.

    I can sometimes visit the wiki if the…

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  • The Boomerang

    Notice About Articles

    November 30, 2014 by The Boomerang

    Good evening, ABW (or whatever time period you read this). I just wanted to let you know about a little issue I've noticed, mostly around toons episodes.

    Narration; statements like, "Chuck came from the sky!". Angry Birds Toons (but not solely) has no speaking characters so the viewer can interpret what's going on with their own opinion. When writing a summary, don't turn it into a story! Just stick to something simple, (as an example used from Hide and Seek, the Toons episode), like "when the Blues stared up, they realized Chuck was coming from the sky, appearing as if he was hiding on the moon".

    Exclamation Points; like, Red got struck by lightning! Usually, when you see this all that is nessecary is to get rid of the exclamation point and…

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  • Bubblexyz

    Merry cristmas

    November 29, 2014 by Bubblexyz

    Now that christmas is near, time for Ice Bird vs King Pig(I couldn't find a chirstmas-themed pig) poll!

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  • Bp101697

    Taking a Leave

    November 29, 2014 by Bp101697

    I'm sorry I haven't actived for a long time. But as the Qaz's blog. I will inactive, too.

    I leave this wiki because I am very busy like Qaz and can't contribute to. Another reason is I have founded another better wiki to contribute with.

    I regret that some my projects such as level walkthroughs aren't yet finished. I hope some users help continue my project.

    Lastly I want all admins and all users rethink about all projects I have suggested. I was very angry that someone made my project failed so that I would inactived for several days. But today I confirm that I will permanently inactive from this wiki.

    To another remaining admins, Boomerang and Hearts, thank you for you that had given me the advice for contributing wiki. Although my post is s…

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  • Qazqaz555

    Stepping Down

    November 28, 2014 by Qazqaz555

    I sincerely apologize for not being active for very long, especially when I had stated I would be more active, but let me get straight to the point for this blog.

    I am stepping down as an admin, and I'm probably going to end my activity on Wikia for good pretty soon. I've been extremely busy with work I was doing in my personal life, and unfortunately, I haven't found any time for Wikia, so I apologize for that. My computer also broke down, and my phone wouldn't work on wikis for some reason, which pretty much restricted my activity. Although I have access now, I will be leaving Angry Birds Wiki, and soon all of wikia altogether due to personal reasons.

    While I regret that some projects I have started I have yet to finish, so many of you chi…

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  • Al the Emerald Toucanet

    There's something I've always wanted to ask people on this wiki... WHAT ARE THE ANGRY BIRDS AGES? Now, I'm going to try to solve that by making this new blog post. Now what I think the Angry Birds ages are... I think Red is 26, the Blues are 13, Chuck is 23, (I know, younger than Red Bird, who cares?) Bomb is 43, Matilda is 54, Al is 30, Terence is 62, Bubbles is 17, and Stella is 16, and just cause, I'll just say what I think the Stella Birds' ages are. So I think Poppy is 17, Luca is 3, I think Dahlia is 23, Willow is 15, and Gale is 18. I mean, the Stella Birds do look young. So what do you think the Angry Birds/Stella Birds ages are? Post a comment on this and say what you think their ages are. P.S. I don't even have Angry Birds Stella…

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  • Ham O Ween

    "WHAT DOES BUBBLES SAY??" (Just pretend your listening to "What does a Fox say?") "Red goes AHHHH! The Blues go "he he he!" Chuck goes *chuck pretends he's handsome.* Bomb goes BOOOM!! Matilda goes POP! Hal goes RAHHH! Terence goes ...Hrmmm Stella goes Blah Blah! But there's a sound that no one knows... WHAT DOES BUBBLES SAY?! BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB!! BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB! BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB! WHAT DOES BUBBLES SAY?!"

    Do you like it? I give credit to my little brother. He thought of the idea. :) Anyway, Keep on Slinging and Ham On!

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  • The Boomerang

    AB WIKI Racing Team

    November 13, 2014 by The Boomerang

    I am leading the Angry Birds Go! Racing Team for the Angry Birds Wiki. To distinguish from other people, my avatar is Stella and the name is Boomerang. The TEAM name is AB Wiki. It's a private team, so to join confirm it's you by messaging me with your name and I will accept you in the team, unless you don't abide by the rules.

    1. You must not currently be blocked. It doesn't matter if you were blocked before, unless it's recent for severe reason (cursing, disrespecting users)
    2. Don't spam message.
    3. You have to message an admin who is in the team first with your name before requesting.
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  • Frostshooter

    toons ice bird plese

    November 12, 2014 by Frostshooter

    this is not toons it has an egg make a happy one

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