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  • Bp101697

    Since the embled-style of daily challenge has been discontinued, we will restore the original style challenge back. See these pages.

    Daily Challenge Suggestion/Sandbox This is the page for suggestion.

    Challenge/Sandbox This is the challenge template.

    Note that all of them are only sandbox because we don't activate now. We need your feedback about bringing challenge back.

    Anyone can vote this, so please respect others' vote. Votes without reasons will not count.

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  • Fishfins

    16 June

    June 16, 2016 by Fishfins

    It's Thursday! I was fully rested, and I am back to AB POP! Walkthrough page.

    I was:

    Completing level 12,

    Expanding AB Movie characters,

    Expanding Fight! skill and equipments.

    Of course, some clean-ups.

    1. Level 12 has opened its gates as I had fully constructed the page walkthrough. Anyone may read it!

    2. The AB Fight items list is not complete. I have done the transparencies of the AB Fight skills. Unfortunely, some new items are not present. I will upload tomorrow.

    3. The AB Movie characters base is almost complete. Anyone may expand it if known.

    4. Infobox. It was frustating to make it work. Of course, I have to understand it. I just managed to make it work minutes after Bp left. Supposed to display a glass image. Now it's just a relief. It's f…

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  • Fishfins

    15 June 2016

    June 15, 2016 by Fishfins

    Today I had faced a slight techical problem. Did I?

    1. Looks like the infobox no longer understands its functionality of recognising colored backgrounds. I am disappointed with that. Someone removed it. However, it can only be set by one specific color. I hope for a return in the future.

    2. However, I had done a good job on filling the AB Movie characters and for the past walkthroughs. I was the one who step on it. Without Bp101967 (Templates), and myself, the wiki will not stay float as before, especially the AB POP! Walkthrough pages. Before my take over position of the ABPOP! Walkthrough page, it was just dark and empty, no user roster duty.

    3. It was just the beginning of the promotion on the Article Improver. I need to work my way through…

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  • Camilo.delgado.796

    |levels = 30 |episode = 26 |image = TrickorTreatII.png|250px |epname = Trick or Treat II |previous = Marie Hamtoinette}} Trick or Treat II is the twenty-six episode sequel to the original Trick or Treat in Angry Birds Seasons. It is third official episode of the Seasons 2016 package.

    • 4-1 • 4-2 • 4-3 • 4-4 • 4-5 •

    • 4-6 • 4-7 • 4-8 • 4-9 • 4-10 •

    • 4-11 • 4-12 • 4-13 • 4-14 • 4-15 •

    • 5-1 • 5-2 • 5-3 • 5-4 • 5-5 •

    • 5-6 • 5-7 • 5-8 • 5-9 • 5-10 •

    • 5-11 • 5-12 • 5-13 • 5-14 • 5-15 •

    • This is the fifth episode based on Halloween, the first one being Trick or Treat, the second one being Ham'o'ween, the third one being Haunted Hogs and the fourth one being Invasion of the Egg Snatchers.

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  • Fishfins

    14 June

    June 14, 2016 by Fishfins


    More people are needed.

    The staff is lacking of active users and we need more to step it in and be ready for more. We need more people. If there are more, the better, because we do not need to work even harder to keep this wiki afloat.

    My diary

    Ok, do you want to know my diary for today? Usually, I write my diaries on my phone.

    That was the first part.

    Ok, sit closer, but not too close in a group.

    Let's begin.

    Yesterday night, Miserable to see that my phone kept crashing. I have lost all my data (thankfully there's a backup, some are lost in the process) because the system corrupted. Ouch. To be honest, my mind went blank, I had to reset the phone, I thought the phone will clear its problems, suddenly a pesky situation got even worse.


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  • Fishfins

    13 June 2016

    June 13, 2016 by Fishfins

    Holy molly! I did quite an impressive run on the show. I have being updating the Angry Birds POP! page since I have edited the first time (sorry, I did not remember the last time I edited the first page, I had removed the automated message, lost some track)

    Originally wanted to help and get the wiki pages in a top condition. Unfortunately there are ups and downs I have went through. From the start, I did not know much about it, I was just doing basic editing. I went on to do harder stuff, willing to take risks. There are some rules broken, however, I am seriously admitted and always committed to find out what went wrong. We are humans you know, we made mistakes and learn the correct way.

    I did not initially wanted to be a staff member, and e…

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  • Bp101697

    My Activation

    June 7, 2016 by Bp101697

    I decided I am back to Angry Birds Wiki as an admin after leaving since November, 2014 since there are only one admin, AquaAngryBirdsFan and wiki is almost die. I come here to revive the wiki again.

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  • AquaAngryBirdsFan

    I was convert .tga files to .png files of these sprites.

    They're not really complete, it was before PvP Arena update and later updates I'm guessing? I just found the .zip file of it yesterday, so I couldn't figure out how to rip the sprites from later updates (such as arena items, new classes for the birds, and more).

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  • Angrybirds925

    my family

    May 29, 2016 by Angrybirds925

    in here you will learn more about my angry bird self

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  • Angrybirds925

    in the angry birds movie they missed some characters, so I made them myself!

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  • Hal Is Beast

    I know everyone else is in the comics, but is buubles in them?

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  • Fishfins

    28 May 2016

    May 28, 2016 by Fishfins

    Hello there AB Fans!

    There are some things I am eagerly wanted to point out:

    1. Angry Birds 2 has gone birdier! Daily Challenges, Arena and minor changes including the bottom-right dialog! Instead of Red by himself, we got more birds or piggies! If we are on the boss screen, we will see the respective pigs or each bird in daily challenge. If it is Saturday, we will see Bomb on the bottom right!

    2. Angry Birds GOAL! and Angry Birds Holidays are the games to look out for. They are now in testing phase, i.e. soft launched. Rovio is making their move in investing more on the movie. To be honest: (Not to spoil for this)

    • They were making a great move! Having the easter egg in the movie app and bird codes! (Although we have to filp our wallets and get our …
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  • Hal Is Beast

    Does anyone know if hal will EVER be in angry birds toon? and will they ever take him more seriously and add him in most of the next games?

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  • Moncon

    pig tails

    May 21, 2016 by Moncon

    i am going to make a pig tails cartoon ep you can reed more on angry birds fannon wiki it is called ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yes pig pockit the main villain and hero is a roge pig thats all i have for now but some imiges

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  • Fishfins

    19 May

    May 19, 2016 by Fishfins

    Greetings again!

    19 May! Only 1 day left for the Angry Birds Movie in the U.S! It is time to ring in the year of the movie!

    I have managed my first transparency edit perfectly! Although it was an effort and not perfect apparently, due to slight edge issues, I made it temporary. However, if anyone had the better version of it, will be welcomed to replace it. Who thought that? None other, not by searching or asking anyone.

    Alright signing off,


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  • Molderplz2


    NOTE; I'm Taking Requests Soon

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  • Fishfins

    3 May 2016

    May 3, 2016 by Fishfins

    Hi AB Flock Wikians!

    It has been sometime since the start of  Bomb's master cup, trying to close the gap of Angry Birds Fight! ranking, with the top 10001 ranking. Bomb's master cup gotta toughen it out, because there are players with a very powerful attack equpiment.

    I have managed to record a gameplay of Angry Birds POP! Level 1. Since there are no users taking up the space of the Angry Birds POP! Walkthrough, I am taking over. However, I am running with a issue with the Infobox where it does not go where it supposed to be. I copied and paste the code and modify some code but failed.

    The Angry Birds Movie is coming on May 20, which is 2 weeks and 4 days!

    Alright signing off,


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  • Moncon

    we need pigs

    May 1, 2016 by Moncon

    ther are no well almost no angry birds sesons pigs we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed more help wiki all who reed this blog  oh and whut game is this pig in

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  • Fishfins

    29 April

    April 29, 2016 by Fishfins

    Coming soon! Actually, didn't do anything much.

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  • Purplecupcake1345

    I'm wondering...Should Rovio make a HTF and Angry birds stella crossover? { WtihOUT the gore }

    And if you want...Please tell e what you think The HTF crew would look like as birds! Thanks!!! ^^

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  • Fishfins


    April 17, 2016 by Fishfins

    Hi fellow Angry Birds fans!

    The Hatrchings made its way to Angry Birds POP! It was on a limited time before, then it makes it appearance again! Before was the Movie Mania prize award, (basically given one reward for every movie treats, now you have to fulfil tasks to get part of the movie posters and a reward booster! That was very sweet!

    Now, I am deeply fixing things up on the Angry Birds POP! page, inserting new to replace the old ones, but what I had left was the table. I had added one row, and added the area name with TBA on it. Why? Because I was super slow in my progression and now I am catching up a little faster now! Just finished with Midnight Bayou. Replaced Movie Mania with Hamming It Up! I am unsure for St. Patricks becuase I di…

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  • Al the Emerald Toucanet

    Wow, its been a really long time since I've made any new edits. Hopefully, I should be back around late April to early May. And don't worry, I'm still an Angry Birds fan, no way I would lose interest! :) I even got a hold of an Angry Birds Movie Stella and Matilda plushes and an Angry Birds Movie LEGO set! And with The Angry Birds Movie around the cornor, I should be making new edits every now and then for its page. (Along with other pages of course) Another thing, is that I hope there's soon AB Movie plushes of the Stella charaters and Hal & Bubbles (the Smosh duo of the flock ;)), along with some new pig plushes, like Foreman Pig or something. Anyway, I guess I'll see you guys soon! I missed you all! 

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  • Samuel0123

    AB Toons Episodes

    April 14, 2016 by Samuel0123
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  • Fishfins

    Greetings to the flock of Angry BIrds Wikia,

    For the next two weeks starting 1 April, Minion Pigs are invading the shores of Angry Birds Fight!. No, not small, minion pigs but the minion pigs from The Angry Birds Movie! Rovio was rebranding their apps into movie style characters in the loading screens.

    Angry Birds Seasons: New Loading Screen! Marie Hamtoinette!

    Angry Birds Fight!: Minion Pig! (mentioned)

    Angry Birds POP!: The Hatchlings!

    Angry Birds Epic: New Loading Screen!

    Angry Birds GO!: New Loading Screen!

    Angry Birds Friends: Movie Mania

    Not to mention that Angry Birds Movie are left only in one month. 2 weeks left, the flock are fullest of energy! The movie awaits!They aren't going to unwrap the presents yet!

    Very soon! Or not too soon.


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  • Fishfins

    22 March 2016

    March 22, 2016 by Fishfins

    Hi guys and girls!

    Today I am going to talk about Angry Birds Fight! It have even a hectic week since the start of the Sakura pig with the limited time only Mecha pig. It has been a tough fight in the ranking leaderboard. However, ranking items are very useful now. Matilda's samba necklace. Angry Panel appears randomly. Even if you can't make it, you will at least having a Sliver grade Samba neckacle which is better than most Angry Panel skill equipment are bronze. Higher than bronze are those equipments which is harder to get by the way.

    Spin-off topic: I had made my creations with Chuck on a piece of paper. Nope, not a piece of paper, but it is not an angry birds based game. However I had used Angry Birds Chuck to stick into my design.

    I ma…

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  • AngryBlue2828
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  • Fishfins

    19 March 2016

    March 19, 2016 by Fishfins

    Grettings fellow ABPOPers!

    Alright! 585 levels up total. You have more lucky charms to collect! Same as christmas! I am just catching up to level 546 now! I am so fly for it! Nothing special this week...

    Should I write about AB Fight? I think it was totes fun!

    From AB POP! Addiction blogger, Fishfins

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  • AngryBlue2828

    this blog includes my favorite Angry Birds Themes.

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  • Fishfins

    8 March 2015 update

    March 8, 2016 by Fishfins

    Once again, I had finished my 545 levels at the same time took the crown back stolen from the leaderboard, frustation and anger even at the slightest sight of not giving the correct bubble colour in gameplay. Why? The system keeps throwing me bubbles randomly what is on the visible playing field! Seriously? Most games are using this code? I know you can't expect to have a perfect game that is way too easy. If you reduced the colour pack yourself not by the powerups, then the code will gives you 2 different colours if you have bubbles with 2 colours left, and if you have one bubble covered with smoke cloud you are not going anywhere without a fight and the system just gives you a confusing colour. this is kind of intense!

    So what do I do now…

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  • Naren3000

    A Fake Game

    March 6, 2016 by Naren3000

    I'm want to make a fake game called Angry Birds Select.

    It has the stuff of Angry Birds: Epic, so I'm having a hard time. What shield and armour will Red have? I don't know! It's up for you to decide and help me!

    New birds:

    Hal and Terence.


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  • Fishfins

    Update - 24 February

    February 24, 2016 by Fishfins

    Oh no! Boomerang has retired! It is his 4 years since he is in this wiki. So now, AquaAngryBirdsFan is the admin, and together with the new image unit user, and more positions up for grabs for vote. So, the eligiable members will be the unit. I might want it too, but takes effort...and have a very, very clean record. No blocks! No records of misbehaving!

    I am still progressing the MAHOOSIVE 3 stars on the Hive. Guess what? I am still stuck and I am not giving up, and there is always tomorrow. I had collected 110 feathers and still aiming to get it.

    Now, There is a new update, Hog Wash, new levels,total of 545. Left 4 days with Matilda is not an option. I am slobing and my tears shredding. Matilda....She is leaving soon to Piggy Island. She h…

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  • Naren3000

    I'm making it here because AB Fanon is inactive and too much spam.

    Episode 1 - Loyal Bird: Gale gets powerful and kidnaps a bird. Will Stella stop her and bring him a part of their group?

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  • Fishfins

    Matilda is here!

    February 9, 2016 by Fishfins

    Hi fellow AB Bubble POPers!

    Matilda was here once again, questions were answered by Rovio was supposed to be kept secret. It was released on IOS and Android today. She had grabbed her passport and her flight towards there. She got a comfortable place to get started on! If you are sick, having a high fever, flu, anger management issues, stress, look no further. Matilda will be at your service! (Just don't make her mad and give her some chocolates and extras kept for you munching on later) Why am I so or super obsessed with updates? Ask me, because what you'll get is, I am very keen for Rovio's POPping future.

    Let's dive into it!

    Matilda! The Harmonious Hen! As long as it is related to peace right? Marvelous Matilda! She is just a pretty bird,…

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  • Fishfins

    Hello fellow AB POP! players!

    AB POP! 3 stars is a daunting task to complete and the Hive superstar is just plain difficult because you can't seem to get it! I just need to that third star. The bar is not filing up and lazy to get into that is just plain evil! Anyways I just TOTES don't get it. Really? Why? Without a free boost I will fail a level, and with it, I am able to finish but that third star, totes not!

    Well I have finished my areas all the way to Lagoon with 3 stars. The first critters level on the Hive just don't seem to cut it. Everytime.


    My mind thoughts:

    Me: Rovio, are you sure you are doing this? Are you sure do you need to set the score REALLY that high? 

    Rovio: Calm down, that is called challenge!

    Me: .....

    Me: Only …

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  • Fishfins

    Carnival POP! complete!

    February 5, 2016 by Fishfins

    20 levels done and back to my achieving 3-stars routine.

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  • Fishfins

    AB Fight!

    January 29, 2016 by Fishfins

    Alright. Since now I am baffled by how I cannot get the last star in the Lagoon Gale level, the points won't just bump without a fight. As I recover my lost life, let's hop into another game, Angry Birds Fight!

    AB Fight is the first game that I am brave and dare to challenge people around the world. Massively online matches to progress the game. It also has a bunch of silly weapons humor from Epic, and that cake hat, yummy! Guess what! I am going to name it EatsCake. Or Yummy. Or whatever you can think of? As long as you do use a name like mine! My name is Jessica! Or John! Just kidding. Just the eatscake. You name it, you won't get banned anyway for excessive changing of nickname! I got in a situation where I can't think of am I have to fi…

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  • Fishfins

    New update!

    January 29, 2016 by Fishfins

    Angry Birds POP! update has arrived. 20 Levels? New area? No new Time-Limited birds? Why? Because...Look at the Rio Carnival Calendar. It falls on the Feburary 5th! To mark that occasion! Rovio has topped the cream icing cake with the area with the circus! Not just circus and some merry-go round to go dizzy with! No birds to be introduced during the Rio Carnival! So what are you wait for? Grab that AB POPping into a new level! New challenges waits! Next update, 3 weeks later, hoping that it will have new birdie. What will it be? This carnival update is going the time limited birds a break!

    Update: The background noise sound effect fits the scene of the merry-go round, but it seems to be a bit too loud for me. I found it a little distracting…

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  • SuperMario43

    Here is a theory about what Red told the birds to do in the Team (Don't write "Which Team?" in the comments! You know what I mean!)

    Red - Leader

    Chuck - Deputy Commander, Achievement Finder, Watcher (AB Space)

    Bomb - Slingshot Director

    The Blues - Business (Fired From This Job)

    Matilda - Anger Manager

    Bubbles - Business (Fired From This Job)

    Terrence - Sitter (Meaning He's Just Sitting)

    Hal - Indigenous Seller

    Stella - Abroad Seller

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  • Fishfins

    I had done with my Luca's sonic pop blast mania, completed Luca's treehouse since about one week ago! That little fella has gone out of his place that is. Totes! Now he is, I decided to continue my adventure with Stella, pop the top mania completing every top the pop levels in sequence. I had improved my scores! What a tremendous effort! Endless of hours improving my score at the same time getting an extra star awarded while resting for a full tank of lives when hearts are finished.

    Anyways,I give up that rountine and I decided to star out all 3 including forest haven, beach party, waterfall, caves, mountain, lagoon, so on so forth. Some requires you to have free boosts. I have to complete the carat gold before the 3 star in one area challe…

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  • SuperMario43


    Name Date
    1 Theory About The Angry Bird Family Thursday 21 January, 2016
    2 Angry Birds' Fullnames Friday 22 January, 2016


    Theory About Every Birds Job in the "Angry Birds" Team

    Thursday 28 January, 2016
    4 Angry Birds Family Status Upcoming Read more >
  • SuperMario43

    Angry Birds' Fullnames

    January 22, 2016 by SuperMario43
    1. Red Bird
    2. Chuck "Yellow" González-Bird
    3. Bomb "Boom" Explosive-Bird
    4. The Blues
      1. Jay "Jon" Bird
      2. Jake Bird
      3. Jim Bird
    5. Matilda "Mat" Egglayer
    6. Terrence "Terry" Giant
    7. Bubbles Bird
    8. Hal "Al" Bigbeak
    9. Stella DeRose

    Next: See here

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  • SuperMario43

    Hi there! Like the title says, there will be a theory about the family of the Angry Birds! Let's Start!

    Red is Red

    Chuck is Red's adoptive brother

    Bomb is Red and Chuck's adoptive brother

    Matilda is Bomb's wife

    The Blues are Bomb and Matilda's kids

    Bubbles is The Blues' little brother

    Hal is a family friend

    Terence is also a family friend

    Stella is Red's girlfriend, even their love is annoying by Chuck that is also in love with her

    Nice! This is copied by my Profile Page! Things like this will go up in my Profile Page and in the Blogs at the same date. Next will be Angry Birds' Fullnames! Bye!

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  • Jaredqwe

    New AB Movie Blues image

    January 9, 2016 by Jaredqwe

    Make this transparent and show Jim's feet, please.

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  • Fishfins


    January 8, 2016 by Fishfins

    It have been sometime since waiting for the new update. I shouldn't do silly things, (asking anyone) because they don't know! Anyways I have enjoyed the new Matilda update! No, then? Luca! He's must have been hiding in the Golden Island and no one knows? Oh gosh! He is just at his tree house playing some toys! And fireworks! Swish! He is available for two weeks and you will not be able to find Luca as he has escaped! New 20 levels! Luca could be your speaker for your music player! Oh wait! That's even louder than your average speaker! He has a special pop: Sonic Pop! He has Soundwave shock in the Stella Slingshot before! He is super cute! He is spinning round, laughing whenever I got streaks or freeing the critters! His sonic pop drop the b…

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  • Fishfins

    When I first started playing Angry Birds Rio on X10, I was addicted to it on saving Red and the Flock and Angry Birds Star Wars. Then I played on Windows Phone for trial. I played on Note 2, Angry Birds Original. Note 4, Angry Birds Stella Pop, followed by Stella Slingshot. I started playing since Shakira update on Angry Birds Pop. This one I can't say anything more. Then come across Angry Birds Fight! I was like meh, don't try this game but with my courage, Why not I give it a go. I have installed it and played it and I am excited about the game! Match tiles to build up and fight! Gather better equipments for an edge! It looks silly when you try to fight an opponent with Bread? A cake hat? A guitar? A double decker bus as an off hand item…

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  • Fishfins

    I have edited the Toons.TV Episode Wikia entry. It was the first time that I have done editing a Toons.TV Episode. I am very careful when it comes to editing an entry. If I made a huge mistake in an entry, I will be warned by the admins or simply say, I am in big trouble. I need to check around 10 times or even more to update an entry for spelling, grammar, mistakes in it making sense and re-edit again. This is shows how careful I am. I hate troubles sometimes. Even I wanted to edit a photo description, I cannot edit more than once or even delete a photo in the gallery. Well I hope I won't be in trouble with it and if I am in it, at least I will learn my lesson. It is similar to when I work for a mechanic, if I made a tiny mistake like for …

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  • OrangeBomb10

    Well, I Think Angry Birds Stella Is A Pretty Good Game. In Fact, I Would Say That Angry Birds Stella Is The Best Game, Just Like What The Boomerang Thinks.

    The First Reason Is I Think It Has Gourgeous Graphics.

    The Second Reason Is It's Perfect For Begginers In Angry Birds, As It Tells You What To Do, While Most Angry Birds Games Leave You On Your Own.

    The Third Reason Is It Has Different Kinds Of Pigs With Different Abilities.

    The Fourth Reason Is It Has Infinite Levels.

    And Those Are The Reasons Why I Think Angry Birds Stella Is The Best Angry Birds Game.

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  • OrangeBomb10


    December 11, 2015 by OrangeBomb10

    What Was Rovio THINKING!?!?!?

    Angry Birds Chrome Has Been DisContinued!

    The Second Angry Birds Game To Be Discontinued!

    Why Rovio, WHY?!?!?

    Rovio, If You're Reading This, Tell Me In The Comments Why You Discontinued Angry Birds Chrome!




    (insert angry birds chrome song here)

    bah bum bum bum be bah bah bum

    So Pretty Much What I'm Saying is,


    and yes, i know there is a no caps policy. sorry.

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  • Fishfins


    December 10, 2015 by Fishfins

    Hi everyone! I am Fishfins as my internet user name, a daily Angry Birds POP! player, been very excited about the game and the updates whenever it arrives on my phone. I love the idea of every two weeks, you will get to choose between limited time only birds and default bird that makes it different and unique compared to the other bubble shooter games. You have different characters and kinds of special powers assigned for each of it. Since I have played this type of game before, why not I give it a try! Beautiful music, instead of jumping straight into the map selection after starting up the game, I listened to the main theme song first! Pa-ar-pa-pa, Pa-ar-pa-ta, Pa-ar-pa-ta, Stella, Stella! Especially the pop the top and defeat Gale music…

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  • OrangeBomb10

    Dahlia's Color

    December 9, 2015 by OrangeBomb10

    What Is Dahlia's Color?

    Dahlia The Brown Bird?

    Dahlia The Tan Bird?

    I Don't Know.

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