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Boba Fett Missions
Boba level
Episode number Not numbered
Levels 10
New features N/A
Released March 28, 2013
Game(s) Absw icon
Previous Next
Non-sequential Non-sequential

Boba Fett Missions is the non-sequential episode in Angry Birds Star Wars. To unlock it, you must find 5 jetpacks scattered around the levels of the game.


Level 1: Chuck Ham Solo and co. meet Lard Vader and Boba Fatt, the camera then zooms in to Boba Fatt, who laughs with a gun equipped.

Jetpack locations

Tatooine 1-23

To obtain the jetpack, use Han and Luke to clear out the right half of the level. Then shoot the jetpack with Han’s blaster.

Death Star 2-32

To obtain the jetpack, send Chewie just below the metal block straight ahead. Use Han to clear a path before flinging Luke just below the jetpack. Luke’s lightsaber should reach it.

Hoth 3-27

To obtain the jetpack, send Chewie around the first gravitational field to clear a path, making it easier to shoot the jetpack with Han’s blaster.

Cloud City 4-4

To obtain the jetpack, simply toss Han backwards or use Leia's tractor beam. The jetpack is below the slingshot platform.

Cloud City 4-19

To obtain the jetpack, either cut the chains with Han’s blaster or clear a path to reach it manually. In any case, it’s not that far out of reach.



  • There are three ways to unlock Boba Fett Missions. One is to pay $0.99, two is to find all 5 jetpacks, and three is to use a promotional code.
  • In this episode, every level has Boba Fett featured as a regular enemy.
  • On level 3, there is a Tusken Raider.

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