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"What was that? Oh, just my heart going BOOM!"

I might be noisy, but hey, I got your attention, right?

Boom Pig
Abilities Explodes on impact
First Appearance Random
Gender male
Species Pig
Locations Angry Birds Stella
Strength Weak (to be popped)

Strong (ability-wise)

Size Medium

   Boom Pigs are a variety of pigs who have the ability to explode. They retained the ability when they ate some explosive fruit. They are the weakest pigs and will explode with even the slightest impact.


  • When Stella is used, ricochet her off the Boom Pig.
  • When Poppy is used, simply hammer down on the Boom Pig.
  • Luca can defeat him; use his ability on a different structure made of glass before he hits the Boom Pig.
  • Willow's ability can be used on Boom Pig but may alter her tracks.
  • Dahlia and Boom Pig's mixed abilities will have a better affect than just soley one at a time.


  • Boom Pigs resemble Bomb's ability.

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