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For the Angry Birds version, see: Eggs.

Boy and Girl Eggs
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General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: Card for theme V-15
Gender: Male & Female
Species: Birds/Eggs
Locations: Card
Strength: Weak
Size: Medium

The Boy and Girl Eggs appear only in the Hogs and Kisses episode of Angry Birds Seasons. Not much is known about them. The Boy Egg wears a blue and white backwards style baseball cap and the Girl Egg has the the same bow as the Female White Bird's on the top of her shell. They are both seen in artwork with the Female Red and Female White Birds, but appear with the Female and Male Red Birds in the final art for the episode.

The Girl Egg can be seen in the game on the far right in level 1-15 of Hogs and Kisses.


Personal Data

  • Name: Boy and Girl Eggs
  • Known Aliases: Sibling eggs, The Pair of Eggs
  • Family: Red (Father), Female Red Bird  (Mother), Terence (Uncle)


The artwork shows a pig stealing the Girl Egg in a net while the Boy Egg looks on. The final artwork when a player completes all 15 levels of the Hogs and Kisses episode shows the eggs reunited while the male and female Red Birds look over them both, implying they are the Reds' offspring.


  • These are two of the few eggs shown to have any sentience in any of the Angry Birds games or artwork. For more examples, see the "Umbrella Egg" in Cherry Blossom and the "Space Egg" from Angry Birds Space.
  • The Boy Egg might have hatched into Bubbles and the girl egg may have hatched into Stella , but this is unlikely because:
    • Bubbles being all alone in the Ham'o'ween animation, and Stella being alone in the Back to School animation. As Red is very protective of his eggs, he will not let his children go unattended.
    • They are of different bird species, despite being born from two cardinals.
    • Being of different colors and possessing different powers from the Red birds.
    • It has never been explicitly mentioned or hinted.
    • The other eggs that have been stolen have never hatched. It is unlikely that these two eggs are going to hatch anytime soon.
    • Bubbles and Stella are not infants when they first appeared in the game, as compared to the Space Egg and R2-D2.


  • Small Pig with Boy and Girl Eggs
  • The Girl Egg on the far right of the level

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