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Cardboard king pig

A Cardboard King Pig

Cardboard Cutouts appear in Mighty Hoax. In the opening cutscene of Mighty Hoax, King Pig was holding a cardboard cutout of himself, 
Cardboard egg

A Cardboard Egg Falls

and they left some cardboard cutout eggs on the birds' nest. Then, in the second cutscene, the Birds break a King Pig cutout. And then, in the ending cutscene, they break another cardboard cutout and get their eggs back, and King Pig hides behind a cardboard cutout bush (except on Angry Birds Trilogy, where Bomb stands on a cardboard cutout squashing the King Pig).

And also on Angry Birds Chrome, at Chrome Dimension, on the right, you see that King Pig is hiding at a Chrome Symbol cardboard cutout.


  • Although the pigs were changed to their Chrome design in the cutscenes on the normal Angry Birds game in the latest version, the King Pig cardboard cutout is still non-Chrome.

King Pig hiding in a Cardboard Google Chrome Logo in Chrome Dimension.

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