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Catch of the Day is the twenty-eighth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

Corporal Pig has gone fishing for eggs! From his boat he attaches a sink plunger to a fishing line and sends it toward the island where the eggs are. But he doesn't know that the Blues are also there with lots of ideas of what to put in the plunger.


At the beach, there was a ship with Corporal Pig and his Minion Pigs. They planned to steal The Eggs one by one with the use of a plunger gun, where The Blues watching it while doing their thing. The pigs prepared and started to fire the plunger, but it doesn’t shoot out the eggs, he returned it and tried again.

He fired the plunger and it almost caught the eggs - but one of the Blues noticed and pushed the eggs backward. Then, they put an orange rock inside it. So that Corporal Pig thought it was an egg, the Blues pulled out the plunger gun assuming it is an egg, and released after it. He was hit by the plunger gun, and the minion pigs laughed. Then, he tried again and again.

When the plunger gun reaches the Blues' hideout, they put things on it from what ever that can find. as the Corporal Pig continued to fire a plunger, and never gave up, then one by one, the Blues put more things in the plunger as they continued laughing.

When the Corporal Pig noticed his ship, it filled with numerous things caught by the plunger gun because of what The Blues' did to him. Then, he saw the two pigs enjoying themselves on the dock with the use of the things caught by the plunger to entertain themselves. and Corporal Pig got angry. Suddenly, he had an idea;

He got a large plunger gun in the ship's stock room that would be perfect in shooting eggs, and fired it directly. But, it was shot over the Blues and The Eggs! The Corporal Pig tried out to pull something heavy, large one. He thought again it was an egg. But when he pulled and tightened it, a steering wheel is broken, so he pulled a lever to make the meter full and the ship will go forward faster. The Blues noticed something, as the plunger gun hold firmly to it. When the Corporal Pig saw it, it was Terence!

He destroyed the dock, causing to crush the two pigs enjoying on it and made it drowned into the sea, and Terence started to sink in the ocean. and the ship also started to sink (because of Terence's weight that holds firmly to the plunger gun where it is also connected in the Pig's ship). Corporal Pig had a life saver, he tried to get on top of it and fill the life saver with air, but the ship sank already. Terence floats on the ocean with Corporal Pig's helmet on top of him.

As the credits shows, Corporal Pig survives from drowning with his life saver.

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  • The back of Corporal Pig's boat says Porka. This is a referenc to Jaws; the heroes' boat in that movie says "Orca".
  • The Blues' theme song is different compared to the episode True Blue, and the theme song of this episode is likely similar to Double Take.
  • A vase that the Blues put on the plunger had a picture of the Mighty Dragon.
  • This is the first episode written by Les Spink.
  • Terence is noticeably bigger than in most episodes.
  • The destroyed vehicle seen in the episode bears a great resemblance to the Volkswagen Beetle.


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Catch Of The Day


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