Ground, Rubber, and Eggs are indestructable.

The Mighty Eagle CAN destroy the Rubber and Eggs, while it goes through Ground as if it wasn't there in the first place, also not harming Mighty by itself.

In Birdday Party 18-15 and certain Seasons Golden Egg levels, the Ground can be destroyed by "triggers", which is almost always TNT. You will be awarded 500 points.

In Angry Birds Rio, The Ceiling Lamps, Wire Spools, "Metal Crates", Bushes, Mushrooms, Hard Sand, Beach Umbrellas*, Platforms, and Rubber are indestructable.

  • There is a VERY had trick you can do to blast Luiz (with the Black Bird) into the Beach Umbrella and destroy it for 10 points. It is listed as indestructable because Mighty Eagle cannot destroy it.

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