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Angry Birds Rio is the first Angry Birds game to have typical video game Boss levels. The Boss levels are as follows:

First Boss Level

Episode: Smuggler's Den

Level: 2-15

Boss: Blu and Jewel Fortress

Second Boss Level

Episode: Jungle Escape

Level: 4-15

Boss: Nigel

Third Boss Level

Episode: Beach Volley

Level: 6-15

Boss: Beachball Fortress

Fourth Boss Level

Episode: Carnival Upheaval

Level: 8-15

Boss: Mauro

Fifth Boss Level

Episode: Airfield Chase

Level: 10-15

Boss: "Rio Skydiving Tours" Plane

Sixth Boss Level

Episode: Smuggler's Plane

Level: 12-15

Boss: Tough Nigel

Seventh Boss Level

Episode: Market Mayhem

Level: 14-15

Boss: Tough Mauro and Marmosets

Eighth Boss Level

Episode: Golden Beachball

Level: 16-15

Boss: Marmoset's Head Fortress

Rio 2

Here are the list of Bosses in Rio 2 Chapter

First Rio2 Boss Level

Episode: Rocket Rumble

Level: Rio2 1-20

Boss: Rocket Fortress

Second Rio2 Boss Level

Episode: High Dive

Level: Rio2 2-20

Boss: Caged Nigel

Third Rio2 Boss Level

Episode: Blossom River

Level: Rio2 3-20

Boss: 2 Jumping Marmosets and Nigel


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