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Cave Pig is the ninth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the 61st overall.

Toons.TV Description

The pigs discover a perfectly preserved Cave Pig in a block of ice. Absolutely nothing bad will happen if they keep it at room temperature right?


At the start, Corporal Pig and three minion pigs are seen in a snowy area, with one using the lever. The minion pig levers a block of ice and they wrap it and go to Pig City. At Pig City, Chef Pig is giving multiple frosting colored cupcakes to King Pig when the door opens, and the Corporal and the Pigs unwrap it and reveal that it is Cave Pig. They put it on a chair, but it starts to melt. At night, King Pig wakes up and goes to the fridge, but he notices a shadow, which turns out to be Cave Pig. Chef Pig carries a bag of groceries and goes into the kitchen and notices that the Cave Pig and King Pig are fighting over the cupcakes. King Pig and Chef Pig had a idea. They cut out a circle of ice, then makes a cupcake trail, and the last ones are on the balcony. The Cave Pig starts eating it, and King Pig also starts eating it. But then the Cave Pig notices more, and then gets them, but the Chef Pig and King Pig fall into the block of ice, and the Cave Pig gets King Pig's crown. Minion pigs present Cave Pig their cupcakes as Chef Pig and King Pig are trapped.

Characters (in order of appearance)

  • Cave Pig



  • In the Sneak Peak of this episode, there are no photos of the apps.
  • Before the Cave Pig's ice melting, a photo of a king (not King Pig) has been seen, but in the time when it's melting, the photo is gone.


External links

Cave Pig on Toons.TV

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