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Cherry Blossom 1-1

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Cherry Blossom 1-1
[[File:Cherry Blossom 1-1|250px]]
Episode Cherry Blossom
Level Number 1
Birds Sequence Boomerang Bird x1

Big Brother Bird x1 Yellow Bird x1

No.of Pigs 6
Target Score 110,000
Difficulty Normal
Previous Next
Year of the Dragon 2-15 Cherry Blossom 1-2 (Angry Birds Seasons)

Cherry Blossom 1-1 is the first level of Cherry Blossom in Angry Birds Seasons. The player is supplied with a Boomerang Bird, a Big Brother Bird, and a Yellow Bird.

Three-Star Strategy

One strategy for Cherry Blossom level 1-1 is to fire the Boomerang bird backwards just above horizontally, spinning him backwards immediately. This shot is very challenging, but with a little luck you can clear the level with a single bird.

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