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Cherry Blossom 1-2
Episode Cherry Blossom
Level Number 2
Birds Sequence Yellow Bird x1

Boomerang Bird x2

No.of Pigs 7
Target Score 90,000
Difficulty Normal
Previous Next
Cherry Blossom 1-1 Cherry Blossom 1-3

Cherry Blossom 1-2 is the second level of Cherry Blossom in Angry Birds Seasons. The player is supplied with two Yellow Birds and one Boomerang Bird.

Three-Star Strategy

Fire the Yellow Bird into the wood between the two towers. If successful, the Yellow Bird should get into the TNT, thus causing the boulder on the right to topple down, along with the tower on the right, also killing the pigs there. The tower on the left should have toppled down too, killing the two pigs. (This strategy is tough to use as it requires a lot of accuracy. This strategy might fail if you hit the triangular stone block by accident.)

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