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Cherry Blossom 1-5
Episode Cherry Blossom
Level Number 5
Birds Sequence Dude Dude Enigma
No.of Pigs Teamster x2

Teamster 4x Headstrong

Target Score 100,000
Difficulty Normal
Previous Next
Cherry Blossom 1-4 Cherry Blossom 1-6

Cherry Blossom 1-5 is the fifth level of the episode Cherry Blossom in Angry Birds Seasons. The player is supplied with two Yellow Birds and one Big Brother Bird.

Three-Star Strategy

Fire the first Yellow Bird carefully at the first rectangular wooden block stacked on top of the two rectangular stone blocks in the front. Aim it precisely so that the bird crashes through that block, and rolls into the other rectangular wooden block directly behind it. This shot is tricky, but after a few tries, the whole area in the front will collapse once the two wooden blocks are both smashed, killing 4 of the 7 pigs. Use the Big Brother Bird to smash the rear structure on the raised platform, and if done correctly, it will eliminate the remaining three pigs.

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