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Coffee Maker
Image Not Avalible (New)
Level Required 12
Cost 1,000 coins
XP Gain  ?
Building Time 2h
Slots 2

Produces coffee and other specialties.

The Coffee Maker (Also known as Coffee Shop) is the sixth production building in Angry Birds Holiday unlocked at level 12.

This building is for making coffees. The ingredients for this building are from the Windmill.


It costs 1,000 coins and takes 2 hours to build the Coffee Maker. It gives player ? xp when finishing building.


Image Not Avalible (New) Image Not Avalible (New) Image Not Avalible (New) Image Not Avalible (New) Image Not Avalible (New)
Espresso Hot Cocolate ? ? ?
Level 12 Level ? ? ? ?

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