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Cold Cuts 2-10 (Original Version)
Episode Cold Cuts banner
Level Number 40
Birds Sequence Lazer birdIce birdBlue birds
No. of Pigs Teamster: x1 Teamster: x2
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 65,000 points
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Cold Cuts 2-9 Cold Cuts 2-11

This is the past version of Cold Cuts 2-10 (Angry Birds Space)


  • The hollow squares were stone (now wood)
  • Right support was comprised of three stone blocks (now two stone blocks and a snowball).


It's hard to through the fortress.


For Cold Cuts 2-10, the level can be cleared with only the Lazer bird. Send it over the main structure, then redirect it downward through the snowball. You should aim this redirection such that the Lazer bird will break the vertical wooden block below the snowball as well, causing the entire structure to fall.


Angry Birds Space Cold Cuts 2-10 Walkthrough 3-star00:47

Angry Birds Space Cold Cuts 2-10 Walkthrough 3-star

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