Construction Pigs are characters from Angry Birds, Angry Birds SeasonsAngry Birds Toons, Piggy Tales, Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work, and Angry Birds 2. The Construction Pigs also appeared in The Angry Birds Movie.



Construction Pigs are a group of several pigs who build things in Pig City. They look like ordinary minion pigs but with a hard hat. Construction Pigs first appeared in the Angry Birds episode The Big Setup, Where they were rebuilding previous structures from previous levels. They were eventually injured by Terence and Hal, who freed the rest of The Flock. Terence was immediately given membership in The Flock after he freed them.


These minion pigs always wear helmets for construction and do their order that was made by their king. For example, in King of the Castle, they were ordered to beat Chef Pig in a sand-castle building competition by building an amazing sand-palace that you could go in to. The palace eventually collapsed when it was ran over by a wave. The pigs also probably renovated Pig City.


In Piggy Tales, they appeared in Rough Necks where they were building a structure. They also appeared in It's A Wrap where they were cleaning up the studio.

And in Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work, they appeared in almost every episode.

Construction pigs appeared in Piggy Tales: Third Act, In Broken Chair, where they were fixing a broken chair in the Piggy Theater. They eventually ended up ruining the chair and the pig sitting in it got trapped.

Construction Pigs also appeared in The Angry Birds Movie.



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  • The color of a construction pig's hard hat is yellow in games or animation, but in the plush, It is the color orange. It is unknown why this occured.
  • A construction pig can carry something even if it has no hands. It is also unknown why this occured.