Crops are plants players can cultivate on the resort. Some of them can grow in field while others grow on trees or bushes. They are similar to the ones in Hay Day.

Cultivating Crops

Field (Transparent)

Players can cultivate filed crops by planting previously harvested crops into fields. One planted crop gives two harvested ones. When players unlock new types of plants they are given a few plants to start.

For trees and bushes crops, the players can cultivate them by buying trees or bushes. Tree and bushes die after collecting three times and have to be regularly replaced with a new ones.

Each field costs 10 coins and trees and bushes costs varies. The player get new fields every other level.

List of crops

Bp Underconstrution

Under Pigstruction!

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Bamboo (ABH) (Transparent) Beans (Transparent) Cotton (Transparent) Coffee (Transparent)
Bamboo Beans Cotton Coffee Beans Rice Sugarcane
Level 1 (Default) Level 3 Level 6 Level 7 Level ? Level 31

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