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Cure Cavern - 10

Zone Cure Cavern
Type Normal Battle
Enemies Ice Shaman King x1
Main Prize Chest
Previous Next
Cure Cavern - 9 Burning Plain - 1

Cure Cavern - 10 is the tenth level of Cure Cavern in Angry Birds Epic. It is a normal level. When this level is finished, the player may spin for Chest.

You need to defeat the Ice Shaman King to win the level.

Cave Effects


Ice Prison - Stuns a random bird. Lasts 2 turns.


Choose Red in Paladin, Matilda in Princess and anyone as the third (either Piggy McCool, Pigiana Jones, Prince Porky or hire from Mighty Eagle's Mercenary). Every turn, attack with Red and the third one, then heal with Matilda. Ice Shaman King can use Whonk! to stun your birds. Be very careful.


The birds have defeated the Ice Shaman King and opened the gate to Burning Plain.