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Dahlia hero new

"You won't know what hit you"

I'm the geek who gets the pigs. 'Nuff said.

DahliaABStella (Transparent)
Abilities Phasing through solid objects and spinning after reaching the target
First Appearance Angry Birds Stella Level 47
Gender Female
Species Great Horned Owl
Locations Golden Island
Strength Medium-Strong
Size Medium

Dahlia is a tan and brown Bird that appears in Angry Birds Stella.


She has 2 squarish pieces of hair which she uses to walk and dance and enjoys fixing/building things, as in the cover art she is shown to be holding a telescope she assumptionnaly fixed or put together. She loves fun, being adventurous, and being creative, just as the rest of her friends.


Dahlia enjoys science and is a gadget geek. She loves building useful structures that have a habit of self-destructing. She is also a gardener and loves creating a species of exotic plants. She is impatient when things don't go as planned and always tries until she gets it right. She gets angry when she messes up with her experiments.


Dahlia's ability allows her to phase through solid objects until she becomes solid again. When she becomes solid, she uses a force known as "Science-Fu" to launch surrounding objects away. This force is similar to the explosion caused by Bomb, but is triggered immediately rather than having a delay. However, blast radius of the force is also stronger than Bomb's explosion's radius.


  • Dahlia has two spots on the opposite side of her face, similar to Big Brother Bird.
  • Dahlia is musically talented with a guitar.
  • Although in the game the outline outside her eye is visible even if her eyebrow covers it, in her plush model and some promotional art it gets cut off by her eyebrow.


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