Daily Dungeons are difficult battle stages with five waves each. You can play each dungeon once a week.


Dungeon levels are difficult because of the pigs' abilities and quantity of waves. You have to select only two birds per battle instead of three, but you can use one of your Facebook friends' birds, Piggy McCool or pay 15 LuckyCoin for Mighty Eagle to help you complete the battle. You have to finish all pigs in 5 waves per dungeon.


There are seven dungeons in the map (except Chronicle Cave), namely Porktuga, Ghost Ship, Floating Hoghouse, Volcano Island, Trick or Treat Castle, Bottomless Cave, and Sunken Pyramid. You can play these battles only once a week or you pay LuckyCoin 15 to open the gate immediately. You can spin for loot for Snoutling1 50, Snoutling1 75, or a big reward: Snoutling1 200.

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