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 Dessert Mode is a new mode released by Rovio for Bad Piggies. The point of the mode is to collect desserts like cake in the normal levels (Rise and Swine, etc.) and then enter dessert mode to feed them to King Pig. When you feed King Pig, he may burp, or grow larger. When King pig grows too large, he will burp and return to his normal size. Sometimes, you will earn a power-up by doing this.

Background Details

In the background, there are Minion Pigs (Portrayed as Freckled Pig) laughing and hiding behind the pillars. The Dessert mode takes place in King Pig's Castle, so the background is very royal like. Chef pig will peek in and out of the pillar. You can also see painting of King Pigs Mother and Father (King and Queen) in the background as well. It is unknown how King Pig got his position as king, but considering his selfish personality, he probably tried to earn it on purpose.


  • This is the first time a Mother or Father exists in the Angry Birds franchise, unless you count Red, since he is the protector of the eggs.
  • King Pig may burp the following this goodies:
    • Power-up (Super Glue or Night Goggles is the most common while Super Mechanic Pig is the rarest)
    • Coins
  • King Pig also may burp the following this trashes:
    • Filer
    • Hairball
    • Fish Bone
    • Flies
  • If you do nothing, after a while, King Pig will:
    • Smile and laugh
    • Yawn
    • Raspberry

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