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Do As I Say! is the ninth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

Matilda tries to teach the Blues how to behave, but will she be as good as her word when the pigs attack?


Matilda is smelling her roses that make the Eggs' nest when The Blues are sliding off the cliff, which causes a great disturbance behind her. She tells them not to do it again. But they bounce on a green ball which they slip off of. The green ball collides with the eggs. The Blues are punished again, this time with their eye pupils being huge, then after Matilda leaves, the Blues continue their mischief.

They paint a target on the eggs. They are going to shoot an arrow made out of a plunger, but Matilda is horrified because of it. She dives down to keep the eggs from being shot, and gets hit on the forehead by the plunger. Matilda, once again, persecutes them. The Blues are ashamed but notice something behind Matilda. She keeps on yelling at them, but then notices the same thing:

The eggs are being picked up by a Minion Pig operating a mechanical claw. Matilda shot an arrow on the pig. Then the Blues told each other that Matilda had said "no shooting arrows". Unfortunately, shooting an arrow at the pig only causes the crank to speed up, and soon the eggs are all the way up. The Blues and Matilda scream.

Then, Matilda races up the cliff and starts attacking the pig, rewinding the claw at the same time. The Blues recognize Matilda jumping on the pig as them jumping on the ball earlier and mimic the action, saying that Matilda said "no jumping." Then the claw goes all the way down with the eggs.

Matilda throws the pig off the cliff and slides off the cliff. Then Jim mimics Matilda sliding off the cliff and all the Blues shake their heads, saying Matilda had said "no sliding". Then Matilda crashes onto the pig, doing the same thing the Blues did. Then she laughs. But, the Blues persecute her instead, shaking their heads.

But they all get along to have some fun, leaving the pig in the hole Matilda was in.

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  • This is the first episode not directed by Kim Helminen.
  • Just like in True Blue, there is a voice credit for "Minion Pigs" even though only one appeared in the episode.
  • Before this episode starts, Matilda's sounds can be heard that she is putting her last flower seen in the trailer.
  • This is the second episode where the elastic band's color is different. The color of the slingshot in this episode is blue. The color of the slingshot in True Blue? is colored peach or beige. The rest are colored normal red (if there is a slingshot in that episode).


  • One of the Blues had painted a target on the front egg. On the scene where Matilda got hit with the arrow, the target seemed to have disappeared. The target remained vaporized throughout.


Angry Birds Toons - S01E09 Do As I Say!02:46

Angry Birds Toons - S01E09 Do As I Say!

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