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Dogzilla is the eleventh episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2.

Toons.TV Description

Pig City is being attacked by a fearsome hairy beast! Sound the alarm! Secure the perimeter! Get the toilet paper! You know we need it!


There is a box that is washed up at the beach. The Minion Pigs found it and brought it to King Pig. It turned out to be the same pink toy dog Terence gave to King Pig for Christmas. He thought it was very cute, until it started barking and he ran away, and all the pigs got scared of the dog, thinking it was dangerous and they closed their windows. The dog was also reported on the news but the news reporter (holding a tennis ball) got scared by the dog and ran away and the screen went to a pig testcard, which caused even more panic. The pigs continue to run for their lives and King Pig, however, found Corporal Pig's house, so he knocked on the door, and Corporal Pig answered, wearing a bathing hat and holding a brush. King Pig explained to Corporal Pig about the dog. Corporal Pig shot all of the city's missiles at the dog, but dog showed up in Corporal Pig's house, so the missiles blew all of Pig City up. After the explosion, the dog's barks got deeper and slower, and it then turned off. All the pigs felt victorious, so they went to the beach, tied the dog to an anchor, and shot it into the ocean. The anchor hit an island-like object, which turned out to be a living, giant, sea creature and they ran for their lives.

Characters (in order of appearance)


  • This is the 15th and final episode in 2014 to do not have an appearance of the Birds.
  • The dog is listed in the credits, and is voiced by Antti LJ Pääkkönen.
  • The dog was also given to King Pig in the previous episode.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to Godzilla.
  • One of the missiles look like the gnome in Oh Gnome!, and one of the other one looks like the pink gun that Matilda used in Run, Chuck, Run!
  • The sea monster at the end of the episode is the only character that is larger than Terence and is the only character that isn't a bird or a Pig.
  • The vase at 0:10 looks similar to the one in Catch of the Day.
  • This is the first episode where Corporal Pig's house is seen.
  • The news reporter is holding a tennis ball when he's reporting and maybe that's why the dog run to the news reporter.


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