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Double Take
D Take
Double Take title card (Click to zoom)
Episode number 16
Air Date June 30, 2013
Written by Chris Sadler
JP Saari
Directed by Chris Sadler
Kari Juusonen
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Pigs Corporal Toons 20130404-pig
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Double Take is the sixteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

The Blues disguise themselves as eggs for fun. The pigs kidnap the birds thinking they are the real eggs, and then other pigs go into the nest pretending to be eggs as well. Matilda is going to go bananas!


Matilda left Jay, Jake, and Jim alone to guard the eggs, but they go playing in the mud and they become white just like the eggs. One of The Blues accidentally pushed the eggs, which causes them to fall into a bush. When they revealed that the eggs are gone, they disguise themselves as the eggs. Matilda really believes that Jay, Jake, Jim are the eggs and go to find out where The Blues have gone.

But even worse, the pigs come and steal The Blues pretending as the eggs (because they actually believe too that they are the eggs) and went away and placed 3 minion pigs disguised as the eggs instead. But this time Matilda sees that the eggs have a pig face and throw them in the same bush that the eggs went. Matilda notices the pigs' cart hoofprints and follows them quickly. Meanwhile, when The Blues came out, they defeated all the pigs and after all, Matilda comes. She does not pay attention on the chaos and just go with the "eggs".

Meanwhile, the pigs in the bush noticed the real eggs and stole them. The pigs in the way crash with Matilda making a egg chaos. The Blues threw along the eggs and go to the nest, along with the eggs. When Matilda finally realizes that the eggs are gone, she starts crying. But when she comes, she notices The Blues next to the eggs and becomes surprised, and looks at the camera, confused.

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  • The same mountain from the episode Slingshot 101 appears.
  • It appears the eggs are unbreakable as they get thrown about but don't break, similarly to how they behave in the games, just like in the episode Egg's Day Out.
  • This is the third time Matilda cries.The first time was in Cordon Bleugh! and the second time was in Gardening with Terence. However, in this episode, Matilda had shown no tears when crying.
  • At the end, one of the Blues is reading a book with a picture of a bear with honey. This may be a reference to Winnie the Pooh.



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