Dr. Pork, M.D
Dr. Pork M.D. Title Card
Episode number 20
Air Date August 22, 2014
Written by JP Saari & Sara Wahl
Directed by JP Saari
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Dr. Pork, M.D. is the twentieth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

Dr. Pork is busy seeing some poorly piggies. But one of them gives him a surprise that’s out of this world!


We begin with Dr. Pork's office, and Dr. Pork making quick writing as we hear a knock on the door, and then we see an ill Minion Pig with pink spots all over him. He was not feeling too good and he was very ill, which was why he came to see Dr. Pork. Dr. Pork checked his heartbeat, then came his hammer to check the pig's head. Finally, he topped it off with medicine, which was to help the first patient feel better, and suddenly, the Minion Pig felt all better and happily went away from Dr. Pork's office.

That was one patient down for Dr. Pork, but he had two more to go, and not only that, but the Tenor Pig was not feeling well, either. Instead, his skin went very gray, which to Dr. Pork meant that he was sicker than the first patient. Dr. Pork then checked his heartbeat for Tenor Pig, then, he picks up his hammer to check his head, then picked up his medicine, and he was sure that would help the Tenor Pig, and his skin turns back to green, which meant that Tenor Pig is now fine.

He had one more patient to go, but suddenly, the final patient was not sick, It turns out that he was floating with UFO-powered eyes. Dr. Pork was surprised, and then, he checks his heartbeat, and then he checks it once again, but his heartbeat was a different sound. Dr. Pork then tries to use the hammer to check his head, but suddenly, Dr. Pork's hammer gets electrocuted and turns into a pile of black dust. Then, Dr. Pork brings out his medicine, which was to make the third patient feel better, but instead, the UFO-powered patient spit out the UFO. Then, he feels better in an instant. Surprised about the last patient, Dr. Pork now drinks all of the medicine, breaks the bottle, and becomes very speechless. The episode ends.


  • The title song at the beginning and the end came from the episode "Abduction".
  • This is the UFO's second appearance, after "Abduction".
  • When Dr. Pork checks the UFO pig's heartbeat for the first time, you can hear the Terminator theme song.
  • Dr. Pork drank the bottle because he did not believe the UFO he saw, showing that it was the first time Dr. Pork saw an UFO.
  • This is also Tenor Pig's second appearance, after "Piggy in the Middle ".
  • This is the third time that a dark blue background was set up, the first being Abduction, and the second being Superpork.
  • In this episode, Tenor Pig's voice is similar to El Porkador.
  • It was unexpected that YouTube was to upload it on 21 August 2014 when it should be on 22 August 2014.
  • In this episode, an anatomy of a Pig's body can be seen. The brain is portrayed to be tiny.
  • Strangely, Dr. Pork was drawing scribbles on his clipboard.
  • Part of this episode can be seen in The Angry Birds Movie on the TV, when the pot falls through a bunch of floors.
  • The skull used in this episode is the same skull used in Bad Piggies. It was seen later again in Hiccups.

Name Origin

  • Dr. Pork, M.D is a pun on Dr. House, M.D. It may also be a pun on ''Dr. <name> M.D.''



  • Dr. Pork, M.D. / Doctor Pig (exclusive appearance)
  • Tenor Pig (second appearance)
  • Minion Pigs


  • Skull (1st appearance) 
  • UFO (second appearance)
  • Stethoscope (exclusive appearance)
  • Dr. Pork / Doctor Pig's Hammer (exclusive appearance)
  • Medicine and Spoon (exclusive appearance)


Piggy Tales "Dr. Pork, M

Piggy Tales "Dr. Pork, M.D"

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