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Egg's Day Out
E Day O
Egg's Day Out title card (Click to zoom)
Episode number 22
Air Date August 11, 2013
Written by Ian Carney
Ashley Boddy
Directed by Eric Guaglione
Birds 20130404-red
Pigs 20130404-pig
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Egg's Day Out is the twenty-second episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

A stray egg finds its way into Pig City, can Red discover where it's gone before Chef Pig makes it into an omelette?


It begins on a calm day, when suddenly a piece of leaf touches one of the eggs. Red gets angry, and destroys the leaf, not knowing one of the eggs fell off the nest and started rolling away. As Red notices, it falls into a river, sunk a little bit and started floating. He begins to follow it until he noticed that they will fall into a waterfall, and it happened.

After this, he's all wet, and dries himself. Not knowing where the egg and himself are, he saw the egg in the moving wheel, sliding it down through the conveyor. The Minion Pigs are there breaking some coal. Red gets hit by the hammers as he follows the egg to a cart into the Pig Kingdom. As he almost reaches it, they separate each other and, going in the tunnels, swapped them and meet each other, then separated again. Red fell down of the broken track and the cart with the egg stopped, he was happy that the egg was safe from harm, but Red smashed as the front cart opens, and it rolled.

The minion pig had a pail, filled with coals and the egg is included, then the pail rises and the egg falls from the pail, lands on the bar, then Red jumps and holds the rope from the bar and some minion pigs there enjoy eating sandwiches, and some are sharing them. The egg continues to move from the bar, and The egg falls down as Red bumped from it, then bumped through the houses in the city and in the spout and landed safely as Red fell down into lines of clothes, and wearing a bra, unamused.

Red follows the egg to a pig training, in which he spies on pigs trying to attack cardboard birds. Red spots the egg in a helmet, going to be launched. He tried to save the egg by swinging a pig as they get launched. He lets the pig go and breaks the wall into a hole. Red then catches the egg as the kingdom gets destroyed. Red and the egg then land at the nest. A leaf floats by Red, in which he smashes the leaf again. In the credits, the egg gets lost the same way it did before, vice versa.



  • The name changed from Eggs' Day Out to Egg's Day Out. The changes in the title is the apostrophe ('). This means that the tenth episode have the title change, and the title of Eggs' Day Out, refers to three or more eggs, and if it's Egg's Day Out, it means that he refers to one egg.
  • The episode name is a reference to 1994 film Baby's Day Out.
  • When this episode was initially announced it was said that an egg would partially hatch (it said that only it's legs would be shown) and it would run off to pig city and Red would have to get it back. The episode was delayed from the date originally listed and it was most likely rewritten.
  • The scene that the piece of leaf touches the egg and angers Red, pays homage to two of Rovio's first Angry Birds videos - "Angry Birds Cinematic Trailer" and "Angry Birds & the Mighty Eagle" - except that there, a fly touches the egg.
  • It seems that the egg is unbreakable, just like in the episode Double Take.
  • The minion pigs act as Victorian Children working in Factories.
  • This is first (and currently only) episode that doesn't have an ending music theme.
  • You can see a cliff from Slingshot 101 in this episode.
  • The part where the pigs were attacking cardboard birds may be a reference to king pig golden egg.
  • When Red flies off the minecart, he says "Uh-oh" in a high-pitched voice.
  • Again, the theme song from Chuck Time to Off Duty, Slappy-Go-Lucky and Run Chuck Run makes a surprise appearance in the intro.
  • This is the second time Red showed his evil look. The first being Egg Sounds.
  • This is the second episode where there is only one bird and one type of pigs.


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