Maxresdefault (4)

An example of what Egg Defender looks like.

Egg Defender is the bonus in Red's Mighty Feathers.


  • A player is using only Red with Mighty Feathers on each level.
  • The number of birds is infinity.
  • Pigs will come to steal the egg, but this time in machines so they are harder to stop.
  • If a pig is directly over an egg, they will steal it.
  • If the pig gets away with the egg, the level is failed.
  • If you want 2 stars or more, you must hit ALL pigs without letting any escape.
  • If you want all 3 stars, you must use the maximun number of Reds or less.
  • If you pause, there is a button which will not make you restart the level, but will make you try to stop the current pig again.

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