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Egg Sounds is the fifth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

The birds are thrilled when the eggs start to speak - but who are the hatchlings going to take after?


Red tends to the Eggs which suddenly appear to begin singing. Excited, Red runs off to find flock members. However, while he is gone, it is revealed that The Blues are pulling a prank by pretending to have the Eggs sing with a saxophone and fooling the other birds. Red returns with Matilda and Chuck, and tries to cajole the Eggs to sing again. A long moment passes, leaving Matilda and Chuck skeptical. The Blues play their saxophone again, and Matilda and Chuck are fooled as well. Red then imagines the eggs containing baby cardinals, but Matilda is aghast at the prospect of them beating up a piglet. Matilda gets the Eggs to sing to herself, and The Blues make a different noise than before. The hypothetical hatchlings become chickens, who soon bear stereotypical peace imagery. Chuck is unamused, and attempts to get the Eggs to sing to himself, with a string of battle cries sounding like what-thao chuck. The imaginary hatchlings become hot-blooded canaries. Red, Matilda and Chuck then fight over what kind of birds the hatchlings could be, while The Blues laugh over the argument. The argument eventually leads to the imaginary hatchlings to become grotesque amalgamations, causing Red, Matilda and Chuck to scream. The imaginary hatchlings finally disappear, and Red, Matilda and Chuck overhear the Blues laughing and look over the bush they are hiding behind. The Blues get their comeuppance when Chuck pretends to be a bush monster, which scares the Blues away. Red, Matilda and Chuck laugh over the prank, unaware that one of the Eggs is actually making a sound.

Characters (in order of appearance)



  • This is the first episode in which a pig appears in the same episode as the birds, although the pig in question is imaginary.
  • This is also Matilda's first appearance in Angry Birds Toons.
  • When the Blues play notes on the saxophone, the notes that appear above the eggs are the color of the bird that sings, and have feathers on top similar to Red.
  • Some of Chuck sounds later appear in Angry Birds 2 when the pigs at the end of each wave says "Strike!" and "Birdie!".


  • When the Blues used the saxophone for the last time, it can be seen near them.
  • However, once Chuck scared them, their saxophone is no longer there.

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