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Eggsteroid 12
Episode Eggsteroids banner
Level Number Eggsteroid 12
Birds Sequence Orange bird spaceOrange bird spaceBig green birdBig green bird
No.of Pigs Teamster x6 Headstrong x3 Wonk x1
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 155,000 points
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Eggsteroid 11 Eggsteroid 13

Eggsteroid 12 (also known as Golden Eggsteroid E-R2) is the second Rover Eggsteroids in Angry Birds Space. This level is homage to the Sojourner Rover.


This Eggsteroid is located on level 5-12 of Angry Birds Space Red Planet. Zoom out and you will see the Rover on the extreme southeast of the level. Use the Lazer bird to reach the Rover by flinging south of the planets. Once you hit the egg you’ll immediately be transported via a wormhole to the level.


  • Like the previous level, Foreman Pig is very hard to pop.
  • Target score is very high.


One strategy 3-starring this level is to fire Orange birds just below the small asteroids to fling them toward the piggies and crystals above, maximizing your score.


Angry Birds Space Golden Rover 2 Sojourner (E-R2) Eggsteroid Walkthrough01:18

Angry Birds Space Golden Rover 2 Sojourner (E-R2) Eggsteroid Walkthrough

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