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Eggsteroid 13
Episode Eggsteroids banner
Level Number Eggsteroid 13
Birds Sequence Red bird spaceBig green birdRed bird spaceBig green bird
No.of Pigs Teamster x7 Teamster x4 Wonk x1
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 135,000 points
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Eggsteroid 12 Eggsteroid 14

Eggsteroid 13 (also known as Golden Eggsteroid E-R3) is the third Rover Eggsteroids in Angry Birds Space. This level is homage to the Opportunity Rover.


This Eggstteroid is located on level 5-18 of Angry Birds Space Red Planet. Zoom out and you will see the Rover north of the main structures. Use any bird to reach it with a straight shot. Once you hit the egg you’ll immediately be transported via a wormhole to the level.


  • Target score is rather high
  • Like the previous levels, Foreman wears the shield, so he is very hard to pop.


One strategy 3-starring this level is to fire a Red bird along the southern side of the gravitational field, and Terence along the northern side. Between those two shots, a fiery asteroid should destroy every piggy in space!


Angry Birds Space Golden Rover 3 (E-R3) Opportunity Eggsteroid Walkthrough01:24

Angry Birds Space Golden Rover 3 (E-R3) Opportunity Eggsteroid Walkthrough

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