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Energonicons are weapons that replaced Energon Powerups in Angry Birds Transformers. They are crafted in Proffessor Pig's Lab in Hog Head Mountain using materials gained during events and missions. There is a total of 48 Energonicons.  Every Energonicon has a strength rating, 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, or 4 stars(rarity). You can tell them apart by looking at the amount of stars at the bottom. If all 3 stars are gold, then it is a rarity energonicon.

1 Star Energonicons Edit

Strikebot Edit

Recipe: None(given by Professor Pig)

The Strikebot summons Skywarp, who flies across the screen launching missiles that damages and destroys structures. Any flying Pigbots or missiles will be destroyed. Using more energon cubes does not seem to make a difference, so only using one will result in more attacks. This replaces the Energon Airstrike powerup.

Description: Calls in air support!

Electroblast Edit

Recipe: None(given by Professor Pig)

The Electroblast sends out an EMP that stuns everything. 1 energon cube stuns flying pigbots, missiles, and walking motor towers. 2 stun pigbots on the ground. 3 stun everything, and have a longer effect. This replaces the Energon EMP powerup

Description: Activates a paralyzing EMP!

Lazerblast Edit

Doubleslam Edit

Recipe: 2 Birdium, 1 Pig Iron

The Doubleslam fires very powerful explosives, that work in the same way as Bluestreak and Prowl's weapon.

Description: Fires two powerful explosives.

Goldbrick Edit

Fireblast Edit

Recipe: 1 Deceptigear, 2 Autocogs

The Fireblast launches fire balls that destroy things, its primary targets are pigs. Collecting more energon cubes increases the amount of fireballs it launches.

Description: Burns everything to the ground!

Confuddlebot Edit

Recipe: 1 Badness Processor, 2 Anger Chip

Description: Creates an IQ sapping energy field.

Ionizor Edit

Recipe: 1 Pig Iron, 2 Autocog

The Ionizor fires lasers that look like Optimus Prime's lasers, but a lighter shade of blue. More energon cubes increases the amount of lasers it fires.

Description: Fires focused laser blasts

Lazerphazor Edit

P-Shooter Edit

Recipe: 2 Deceptigears, 1 Pig Iron

This energonicon sprays small purple lasers, and they aren't very accurate. However, it can be useful for groups of Pigbots.


Madbot Edit

Recipe: 2 Pig Iron, 1 Deceptigear

The Madbot is like Thundercracker, but it has a certain amount of blasts. It is similar to the P-Shooter, but it fires is lasers straight at something, in stead of the being spread out.

Description: Unleashes a flurry of energy blasts.

Powershock Edit

Lightningslam Edit

Recipe: 1 Pig Iron, 1 Badness Processor, 1 Birdium

Description: Strikes enemies and towers with lightning!

Thunderbolt Edit

3-Force Edit

Energyblast Edit

Focusfire Edit

Splinter Edit

Megablast Edit

Pulsar Edit

2 Star Energonicons Edit

Fastfire Edit

Recipe: 1 Pig Iron, 2 Anger Chip

Description: Launches a barrage of missiles!

Stormblast Edit

Waveburst Edit

Recipe: 2 Pig Iron, 1 Birdium

The Waveburst does the same thing as Soundwave's weapon, but it has a limited amount of shots and no reload time. It actually does not make much use of the sound wave, as it fires straight at the pig, not the structure below.

Description: Screeches ultra-sonic blasts!

Bubblebot Edit

Bubblepop Edit

Drillsmash Edit

Reflectron Edit

Shieldor Edit

Recipe: None(given by Professor Pig)

The Sheildor creates an energy shield that reflects anything that hits it. Using more energon cubes increases the amount of time the shield stays active. This replaces the Energon Sheild powerup.

Description: Activates a protective energy shield.

Boomshake Edit

Powerbot Edit

Evaportron Edit

Sub-Woofer Edit

Antigrav Edit

Subspace Edit

Enerbot Edit

Stonecutter Edit

Snipernaut Edit

Motarnik Edit

Clusterburst Edit

Gravitron Edit

3 Star Energonicons Edit

Healthpack Edit

Ghostbot Edit

Rapidfire Edit

Photoblast Edit

Recipe: 2 Badness processor, 1 Anger Chip

Photoblast shoots beams much like Galvantron's, except much faster. Its first target is pigs.

Rarity Energonicons Edit

Lavatron Edit

Goldslam Edit

Piggyblast Edit

Glassor Edit

Recipe: 1 Anger Chip, 2 Super Rareium.

Much like very high level Sentinel Prime. It can pretty much take care of those towers!

Sources Edit

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