Escape to Tatooine B2-11 (Angry Birds Star Wars II)
Episode Escape to Tatooine(Bird Side)
Level Number 31
Birds Sequence Anakin Podracer copyAnakin Podracer copyJar Jar copy
No. of Pigs ABSWIIP7 x6 188px-Sebulba´-2 x1
3-star Score 80,000
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Escape to Tatooine B2-10 (Angry Birds Star Wars II) Escape to Tatooine B2-12 (Angry Birds Star Wars II)

Escape to Tatooine B2-11 is the eleventh level of Escape to Tatooine (Bird Side).


Most people don't know what to do with Anakin's podracer.


Fling Anakin to the black TNTs below. Redirect to the main structure just before hitting the TNTs. Anakin will get entangled with the TNTs and carry them with him into the structure. The TNTs will explode and that will hopefully clear the level.

Video Walkthrough

See Video Walkthrough.

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