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Female Red Bird
Girl bird front copy
General Info
Powers none
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Female
Species: Cardinal
Locations: Hogs and Kisses in the ending sequence.
Strength: Normal
Size: Regular

For the male counterpart, see Red.

Attention: This character is non-canon, it may cause confusions.

The Female Red Bird is a bird that is first seen in Angry Birds Seasons. She resembles her male counterpart Red, but has eyelashes, different pupils, thinner eyebrows, lighter spots, and wears a yellow bow on the top of her head (though blue in Angry Birds Seasons Free).

Unlike the other birds, the Female Red Bird isn't an actual species that is used in the game, rather it only serves as a background character used in various materials to promote the game, and is also seen in the ending sequence upon completing Hogs and Kisses, alongside a solo Red. A plush toy version of her was released along with a plush toy version of the Female White Bird.


Personal Data


  • The Female Red Bird is one of the five female birds, the others being Female White Bird, Jewel (Angry Birds Rio only), Matilda  and Pink Bird.
  • She has become quite popular among fans, and some beg Rovio to make her playable in future updates.
  • The feathers on Red's plush is pointing to the left, however Female Red Bird's plush has the feathers pointed to the right.


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