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Field of Dreams
Field of Dreams
Release Date: October 25th, 2012
Levels: 1
Episode No.: 7
Previous Episode: Non-Sequential
Next Episode: Non-Sequential
Game(s): Bad Piggies

Field of Dreams is an in-app purchase for Bad Piggies (free on the PC and formerly, NOOK versions) that is currently available for iOS, Android, and PC. It seems to be 2 Sandbox levels merged together as it has 40 star boxes. It also has a large number of every single part in the game, even ones that were not available in previous ones. The level was formerly included free on the NOOK (as in game purchases are not available), but was removed with the Flight in the Night/Road Hogs update. It has only 1 level.

How to get on the PC version

To get Field of Dreams on the PC version of Bad Piggies you need to:

  1. Upgrade Bad Piggies to the latest version.
  2. Activate full version (clear 1.0 first).
  3. Go to Sandbox and click Field of Dreams.

Exclusive Objects:


  • This level may look like a building level.
  • This is the only level in the game to use all 3 exclusive objects.
  • Some items have more than 10 uses if you completed plenty of levels.

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