Food are items on Bad Piggies (game) Birdday Party, Utopia, Angry Birds Telepizza and Classic Angry Birds.


Donuts are one of the few items in Angry Birds Space that only appears in Utopia. It is Indestructible, not even the Space Eagle can destroy it, because it is a planet.

A donut.

Waffle Wall

Waffle Wall is a kind of material in Utopia. It is indestructible, even by Space Eagle. It appears only in Utopia, and it is the only object in Angry Birds Space.
Waffle Wall

Waffle Wall


Waffle wall in level 4-1 of Utopia


A waffle wall utopia level based on billiards.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pies are first and only seen so far in the planet Utopia in Angry Birds Space. They have a hard surface.
Key Lime Pie

key lime pie

Sometimes jell-O is attached to the pie, causing one side of the surface to be bouncy while the other is'nt.


Lollipops are special items worth 3000 points in Utopia in Angry Birds Space. They are destroyed with any bird, except for Blue Bird.

Lollipop on the Utopia icon


Lollipops in another level


Popcorn is an item in Utopia in Angry Birds Space. It also comes in kernels. The kernels, when hit by a bird (or, if in the levels screen for Utopia, touched) explode into 3 popcorns, causing major damage. The Popcorn, when hit by a bird (Or touched in the levels screen) disappear with a crunching sound, as if eaten.

Popcorn appears on the icon for utopia


Popcorn and kernels appear in this level


Tomatoes are seen in Angry Birds Telepizza. They are 1000 points. They also appear in some Eggsteroids levels have tomatoes that has a varying amount of points.


Cakes are Items in Birdday Party. They are worth 3000 points when destroyed. In the latest update of Angry Birds, a new exploding cake appears in which when hit, it turns into frosting-like balls, similar to TNT Crates.

Birdday Party 7

King Pig hiding behind cake


A cookie is a planet in Utopia, so it is Indestructible.


Ham occurs in Angry Birds Classic.
Ham in game

A ham

 It is a meat-shaped food parody.It appears in many levels, an example includes Poached Eggs or Mighty Hoax. You get 500 points if you destroy it.