Not to be confused with the similar character Hot Dog Pig from Stalker.

Food Vendor Pig
The Food Vendor Pig.
Abilities None
First Appearance Where's My Crown?
Gender Male
Species Pig (Sus scrofa domesticus)
Locations Pig City
Strength Weak
Size Small


The Food Vendor Pig is a minion pig who appears in the Angry Birds Toons episode Where's My Crown?. He is seen selling muddy candy apples. He also appears in the Arena of Angry Birds Epic.


Where's My Crown?

In the episode, King Pig demands his apple cart with all the apples in it, and the pig refuses. The pig later finds out that he is King Pig, So he, his cart, and Corporal Pig were used as the wheels of his apple cart while he eats the apples.

Angry Birds Epic

He can be seen in the Arena with a blue cap and his apple cart.


Angry Birds Toons




The pig is an ordinary Minion Pig with a beige Food Vendor's hat. In Angry Birds Epic, his hat is blue. He is commonly seen with his apple cart.